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by Rik on 29 August 2020 - 16:08

lol hund, we have that concept over here also. it's called a participation trophy. nobody wins, nobody loses, just everybody the same.

and here is something else you will probably never believe, we have sport competitors here who insist on excellence from their dogs, we actually have LE Officers who insist their dog be capable of acting in a professional manner, seeing eye dogs that are expected not to lead people into traffic, bomb sniffers who wash out and have to find another life if they can't sniff explosives, hunting dogs expected to hunt their intended quarry. the list over here is almost endless of dogs that are expected to perform a task or perform to a certain standard.

another thing I learned pretty early is that it doesn't cost any more to feed a good one than a poor one and to tell the difference.

edit to add: I did learn what I post about AKC from actually participating in AKC. Breeding, showing and finishing dogs in AKC shows and also CKC . The one I consider the absolute best I ever owned and about as ultimate as I have seen in ASL, her first show was at 2 yo. She finished her AKC Championship at right 5 yo.

do you have any idea how many shows you can drive home a loser in 3 years? but I believed in her, stuck with her and we reached our goal. and just to add, maybe she wasn't very high I.Q., but her her whole life with me, she seemed to believe in me. how crazy is that?

you do not know me, have no idea my ethics and how dare you try taking the "moral" high ground on yet another GSD subject that you have no clue what you are talking about.


oh, just to edit again, this bitch had been bred @ 16 months. Jimmy Moses told me to go and buy her. she was basically a "rescue" from a very dismal forward looking life. I took his advice.

Clayfield Trieste




by Hundmutter on 30 August 2020 - 03:08

@ Rik:  I do not see how I am trying to 'take the moral high ground', simply by offering a comparison to your generalising statement about "anybody" being "out of touch with reality". Overly sensitive, much ? (Sorry, "Buffy" is playing again here !)

Nor do I understand your occasional jibes about my having no clue what I'm talking about (in line for instance with the 'shit shovelling' one I still have not forgotten). I thought I had demonstrated enough on the forum by now that I am not some innocent or ignorant owner of a single pet; others here seem to accept that now.  And as the Admins will tell you, I do not have to justify myself to you anyway. Just point me at some post I've made down the years that is untrue ? 


by GSCat on 30 August 2020 - 06:08

Some years ago, I entered my Czech WL GSD in a couple of AKC Match shows (same day, same venue, different clubs). It was interesting and I learned a lot. I enjoyed some of it, and didn't like some other things, partly because my dog was in her very first heat and she was in raging standing heat. So, I was fighting blood, stink, keeping her away from everyone, the ring, etc. She also gets very grumpy and hard-headed before and during heat, but I didn't know that then because it was her first. Here's the thread I posted with what learned that day. A lot of helpful comments from others in this thread

Here's the thread that I posted and asked for help before doing the shows.  So much help from the kind, wonderful people here

Looking back, the most important take-away was Conformation wasn't for me.  If it had been, I would have gotten involved with a local club.  The dog has good enough conformation to compete, but that's not why I got her.


Since you are interesed in AKC events, check out the AKC website for event information.  At the top of this good introductory article is a link called Sports and Events.  Both the introductory article and the various links are helpful

And breed information

There are AKC Breed Clubs and clubs that are activity related that likely have useful information and contacts.  Maybe people local to you

Since you're still considering the breed, itself, of the dog you want to get, maybe look at some online video of the breeds you're considering competing in AKC Conformation events.  If you can, go to some AKC Conformation shows, see what goes on in the ring, ringside, and behind the scenes.  Talk with and listen to people there.


AKC has Marketplace where you can search for a puppy or dog.  Search the AKC website for it.  I won't post a link because that would compete against the ads here that keep PDB going.  There are a lot of great breeders here.  Do your homework, no matter where/who you're buying from.

AKC has Breeder of Merit program

AKC has Bred with HEART program


Good luck, and have fun :-)


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