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by Amberroop97 on 01 July 2020 - 19:07

she is definitely intelligent to smart for her own good and gets board really easy.
i have reached out to a club that would be about 2 hours one way from me so a 4 hour round trip i feel harley will excel with more focused training
willow is more of a lower maybe a medium drive very aloof with strangers if that the right word a very handled bonded dog (will only respond to me wont take a ball from my boyfriend but will do anything for a ball from me ) she doesn't have a desire to interact with people she doesn't know ignores them unless she feels they are a danger to me will sit and ignore while we talk so not overly aggressive
been trying to read and learn about the breed independently for about 4 years now but alot to try to put together on your own


by Koots on 01 July 2020 - 20:07

The club that I am a member of is at least a 3 hr drive away, one way - so pretty much a whole day is dedicated to training. I go to club usually every 2nd week, but then I train @ home every day. I think you will find the guidance and information in most clubs will help you to train your dogs. Good luck, and happy training.


by emoryg on 01 July 2020 - 21:07

I’m with Koots, you just have to make the drive.  Sometimes you find members closer to you who get together on more than just the club days.  That may be an option.  I trained pretty much every day with others who lived closer to me. 

The GSD should ALWAYS be aloof with adult strangers.   I would fall over if any of my dogs readily interacted with a stranger.  

Sometimes dogs don’t like playing ball with just anyone.  I worked with a dog that the other handlers would tease trying to get him to take the ball.  He would chase after if thrown, but refused to take it from their hand.  He would sometimes growl and show his teeth if they tried to make him take it.  It was rather funny at times, especially if it was on our off days. 

Here he is being tormented by one of the handlers we worked with.  I think he was offering him a drink of Pilsner if would just touch the ball. 


by Amberroop97 on 01 July 2020 - 21:07

Ive had other breeders tell me her only being willing to work for me was a negative trait guess it just goes to show its all in who your talking to and what their looking for


by Hundmutter on 02 July 2020 - 04:07

Yeah, Amber, exactly it does! The 'other breeders' were breeders of what ? Not all breeds share the same characteristics, and what is actively looked for in some 'pet' breeds and crosses is entirely different, both in terms of training aptitude and every-day family-living membership from the (usually larger) 'working' breeds. So of course some will find 'one-person' dogs a negative trait, by their lights. Even some people who breed GSDs, if they are just churning out for the puppy market, with no real thought to the Breed Standard, can think like that,  Moral of this: READ the Breed Standard.  First point in that education you are looking for.

Koots took the words right out of my keyboard earlier: you should do your learning before even thinking about becoming any sort of breeder. Putting in the 'hard yards' will make you a GOOD breeder ... and boy, do we need those.


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