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by Rik on 08 November 2019 - 20:11

hired dog said "this is a GSD forum and the people posting here, are, for the most part, GSD fans"

couldn't agree more.



by ValK on 09 November 2019 - 12:11

hired dog
sorry, somehow missed your question. also it's hard for me to write long, detailed posts.
anyway, to answer your question about traits. look, back then i didn't set the standard of what type of dogs and how prepared
for patrol duty they should be. more over, dogs was taken back to border at age 10 month and did go through additional 8 month
training prior being certified and deployed on patrol.
but since our duty was to prep those youngsters for selection test, we were well aware what was necessary in every dog to
pass test and be picked:
obvious tendency to dominance
pronounced selfconfidence and independence
sufficient level of intelligence
ability and willingness to cooperation with handler
stubbornness in performing tasks and boldness in face of danger
sharpness and hardness no less than 44, 55 or variation of 4 and 5
muscular sturdy build and good agility.

by Hired Dog on 09 November 2019 - 13:11

Valk, all those sound like really good traits that I would want in my dog. I agree with all of them actually, however, once again, this is not 40 years a go in a communist country and the quality of dogs has gone down considerably since then.
Being here, USA/Canada, we have what we have to choose from and train...are they always the best, hell no.
Can we make some of them work, for sure, we see it every day. I have seen dogs today working the street that I would never want to be my partner, but, I have seen a few that I would be happy to work with.

You need to remember Valk, this is not the 1970's and part of the 1980's. This is modern day society, certain training methods are long gone, certain attributes we both found enticing in dogs are gone and will not come back, ever, because society does not want them back, but, I will take the best of what is left and train that to fit my needs, to the best of my abilities.

I believe sir that it would be to your benefit to accept current norms, I know, its not easy, especially when you had better, but, otherwise you are only limiting yourself the opportunity to own a dog you can train and have fun with.
Those dogs are gone Valk, those days are gone, we are here, now, today, make the most of it. The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.

by duke1965 on 10 November 2019 - 11:11

gotta love those high drive dogs LOL


by ValK on 10 November 2019 - 16:11

hired dog
emoryg in another topic said - work with dogs of that caliber, and you’ll never settle for anything less.

and that's very true.

another brainless preydriven idiot.
curious if victim of LE dog attack gonna sue his own agency?

by Hired Dog on 10 November 2019 - 17:11

So Valk, tell me, how many of those caliber dogs have you found in your search during the last decade?

by ValK on 11 November 2019 - 11:11

zilch :)
i guess problem lays in absence of breeders, who wanna produce type of serious dogs rather than in absence of such dogs.
at least from time to time among present mediocre stock, rarely but do emerge pretty good ones.
sadly usually they just disappear by being diluted among average or even below average genepool, destined to be a family pet stock.
another problem (personal) - Canada is huge by landmass but isn't really land of GSD breeding, particularly in it's Western part.

by Centurian on 11 November 2019 - 12:11

A little off to the side , but a previous commnet directed to my post was :

" Next, I can assure you sir that the way I treat dogs is NOT the way I treat humans and the way I treat humans is not the way I treat dogs, not even close. "

So for that are trainers , owners , any person reading this thread I will share : Because I do treat canines as I would , in repsects that is , as I treat people , that has made me enormously successful and allowed be to bring out all that I could with any canine or person , or canine/person team ! I often wrote , that no one can understand the canine unless they first understand : " Although dogs and people are different [ as in species] at the same time they are very very much alike ". Dogs and people are both animals , right there we are ALIKE . We each have the same innate traits , characters , and motvations ! On a very simple explanation : everyday people manipulate other people by tapping into their innate genetic instincts . Those that are no different than a dog's or any other animal's . Their thoughts and their feelings which result in thier actions[beahviors] are manipulated the same exact way a person's are . Everyday people are manipulated in those respects by advertisements - every day . People manipulate the dpgs the same way they manipulate other people. People read each other every single day too , and we not only talk verbally we also talk non verbally with each , intentionally or unitentionally .

People talk to the dogs the same way . Dogs respond to us more verbally that non verbally and they look to see if both are congruent. We constantly are affecting thier emotions , thoughts , feelings and repsonses in the same fashion we would like we do everyday wth other people. When we interact with people , if we can directly conect to their autonomic innate thoughts and feelings we can get them on our side instantly and get just about anything we want from them,. Peolpe that are successful likewise can do the same with their dogs. I can get into that dog's head , into that dog's innate pre determined genetic base , into it's motives in a way thay you would not believe and [ if it is capable ] to get them do whatever I want , how I want ,and when I want it to do it !!!

If one understands him/herself and understands and uses the same principles applicable to people /humans on the dogs you will see that they are nit so different and you can accomplish much that same way with them. . People that do the same to each other , that are able to understand this and to capitalize on this are the most succesful people in the dog world . People that can treat a dog ,not as aperson , but like they would a person , are the best handlers , best decoys and best owners and they achieve their goals better , quicker and faster with ntheir dogs. So when I hear in general and not directing this to anyone specifcally , but when I hear the dogs are so different than people and they treat them very dfferent than people .. I am lost for words.

Let me share with you WHY interacting with a dog , treating a dog is so important and in acknowledging that demonstraters understanding of the canine and why not acknowledging that IMOP , to me , demonstrates how much some one realy realy rrealy doesnt understand the canine. Feet orientation , a non verbal exptrerssion : If I want to know what a person is thinking and feeling … I look at their feet ! If I see their feet pointed towards me , I can move in closer and approach that person as that is in part of all it is saying is , : " I am 'in the interaction ". This is contrary to a dog that stands rigid with one paw behind the other and then leans or takes one step back . That message is " I am planning an exit out and mentally and emotionally I am not in this interaction". I can give a semianr on this all day … We are always manipulating the motives of our dogs , we are always shaping them and manipulating their behaviors and their feelings such that they work with us - no different than we do thos in everyday life. The better you are at this the better and more you get out of your dog ,assuming it has the capability for the performance that is. To bring about predaory responses ans well as defensive response we 'Manilpulate' what the dog thinks , feels , such that we set up predicatble outcomes for the sdog and predicatble freponses from the dog… just like we do in life !! So really now- we trat people doffernt than dogs and dogs differently than people - are you folks that think you treat dogs and people differently kidding ?? BTW most people feed thier family and they feed thier dogs too … another example how exactly people treat dogs like they treat people ..

Back to the tread …. I take a moment to explain why I was not impressed with that video : Because I could do what was done in that video with just about ANY of my GSs that I had - most importantly those GSs I had done SPORT with . Not being upitty upitty but that is just plain true- and most others people viewing that video could as well . Someone debate me if you will ? What was so astounding and great about that police demo ?? WHY …BECAUSE I treat a dog and interact with a dog as I woould a person . That is simply me using commne sense , o more or less ! Anybody could accomplish what was dispalyed in that video with theor dog [ assuming it ad the cability and potential ]. Most often …. for the public demos that are conducted by police.. I am not impressed- at least not compared to how and what my dogs could do … .BTW samoe of my dogs have done police demos for the record !!

by duke1965 on 11 November 2019 - 13:11

centurian, OP was only posting this to prove czech police have malinois, so they do LOL, you saying any gsd can do the same isnot helping much I guessWink Smile

by Centurian on 11 November 2019 - 16:11

Duke , OK -
The title of the thread : CZECH Police DOD team + Praque police demo. As you have read - that is my shared subjective feedback on the video . Now I do not know the value of seeing ' the Czechs having Mals ' or exactly what that point of the video was. Was it to imply that one bred dog works better than another [ I don't know ??].. seeing this is mainly a GS forum - I can't speak for the OP but what I will write is : to compare a Mal to a GS is foolish . They are both , both are great breeds , both having strengths and weaknessses as a breed. One breed is not better or worse than the other. I have seen good GSs and Mals for police work and I have seen worthless Mals and GS for police work that is . One breed does not ness . work better than the other. And the cross breeds , I will tell you again with certainty that presently one European country [ not to be named ] has such a problem with those Mal x GSs because of teeth falling out .

I understood that ….. and …. I replied to what I thought about the Czech Police having the Mal demo … I write that again .. IMOp not impressive. BTW Duke , let me share with you some of my biased personal experience: Many police k9 handlers are very very good handlers as they have been groomed by the Police Academy .However , many know no more and no less than what the Academy has put forth to them [ taught them ] - In addition , I write this : Many , many USA police k9 handlers I have come across , having trained with them to boot , can handle the dog , but I tell you with certainty that many , not all , again not all , but many of them , have a hell of a lot to still learn about k9s . Now I am not stating this to belittle anyone , but I am stating this as a constructive and not a destructive comment. On a very very high professional level this has been my observation ! Police videos ,I would very very much enjoy one that will impress me …


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