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by Hundmutter on 14 October 2019 - 07:10

GSCat, not a hope in hell I'm afraid. If a dog has an incorrect bite, having reached 8 months and more, the jaw ain't gonna change now. For the record, a 'scissor' bite is where the top front incisor teeth just overlap the lower incisors, when the dogs mouth is closed, with the precision of the blades of scissors. Anything more of a gap = 'overshot'; anything under, so that the top teeth sit behind the lower ones, is 'undershot', and in a level (or here 'flat') bite, the incisor teeth meet precisely on top of each other. I spotted my Taz's bite was overshot when he was 5 months and his breeder was right, by that time it was too late for a chance it might correct itself. Sometimes, though not often, such things line up correctly on a younger puppy as its skull grows.

About the colour: that black blanket may reduce a bit yet, given changes that occur as the adult coat grows in, but it is unlikely it would make this pup a bad Show prospect anyway; some of Xeph's successful showdogs have been blanket rather than saddle marked, for e.g. Even a Sable will win occasionally ! (Both sides of the Pond). But it is possible to enter Shows and have a good time even if your dog does not win the first prize ! A lot of people showing their first dog have met contacts, made friends, learnt things about the breed which have stood them in good stead when later they came back with a better, and winning, specimen. The "all or nothing" attitude does exhibitors no credit. A blue riband is only one place; lots of good dogs come second, third, commended etc throughout a career, it isn't the end of the world when it is a HOBBY.

by GSCat on 15 October 2019 - 04:10

Hundmutter-- thank you. So much for hoping something simple/inexpensive could be done for the dog. My first (and only) two conformation shows (same day/place) taught me a lot... I posted about it... most everyone was nice/helpful, explaining what the judge was doing/helpful pointers, the judges explaining/guiding.  Except there were a few people that were unhappy about my [sable] bitch being in standing heat Roll eyes





by Hundmutter on 15 October 2019 - 07:10

Well if they were exhibiting males, particularly, I can have some sympathy with them. The presence in or near their ring of a lady in interesting condition can be very unsettling for entire dogs, and make them terrribly fidgetty to stand and handle for the judge. I know there are two schools of thought on this one, but me, I'd never take an in-season bitch to a show, even though that means I'd lose the entry fee.Tongue Smile

Seriously, it would be as difficult to train any male to give you maximum attention and stand still while teeth 'n' testicles are checked, in such circumstances, as it would be to try to train any dog to carry its jaw in an unnatural position.

As a piece of 'gamesmanship' it is only any use at mixed classes; where dogs and bitches are judged in separate classes, unsettling the opposition would really only count when going for BIS, when the winning dog & bitch are at last pitted against each other.  Most people will not be in the running for that 'cos only one of each sex is placed First.  Talking AKC, here. For GSDs, SV shows where its all-in and graded would be a little different, but not much.


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