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by Mackenzie on 07 September 2019 - 14:09

Law enforcement seems to be the be all and end all for some people. There are other disciplines that show lines and even failed working lines are capable of. It would be interesting to know how many dogs from working lines in proportion to the numbers bred actually go as far as the requirements of Law enforcement.

As far as the Breed Standard concerned, it is the same for all sides of the breed. Nowhere in the Standard does it say that Law Enforcement dogs are the principal reason for the breed and the sole test of value to the breed.



by emoryg on 08 September 2019 - 12:09

You are right, there are other disciplines that show lines and the failed working lines (there’s a lot to be interpreted there) can be involved in. Many of these disciplines are within the scope of law enforcement. There is so much more to an effective police dog than biting. I ran as back-up with several very successful police dogs who never bit a suspect throughout their careers. But biting is the standard everyone prefers to go by. I could write hundreds of stories on tracking down criminals, but unless the dog sinks teeth, it would put most people to sleep. BTW my favorite calls don’t involve biting anyone, but were of locating items that linked suspects to the crime, or calls where extremely violent suspects did not get bit because of the police dog’s presence alone.

It’s easy to forget there’s more to it than just a dog biting. It’s also easy to forget there is so much more that goes into catching the criminal than the dog tracking. Without other officers on the scene and the roles they play, many criminals would never be located by the police dog.

With the absence of the GSD being tested and selected for their natural desires to enter into a confrontation with a person, prey and defensive drives are being exploited in an attempt to fill this void, and from watching several more bodycam videos sent this weekend, just keeps proving the working line is headed down the same path. Both scenarios have probably hampered the show lines ability to provide a significant number of suitable candidates for dog’s task with physically apprehending a person. There are GSD’s from show lines that work the streets, but the overwhelming majority are from the sport lines.

by Mackenzie on 08 September 2019 - 14:09

JHKR Sieger 2019 is Yoris vom Osterberger-Land

JKR Sieger 2019 is Warrior von Media


by Mackenzie on 08 September 2019 - 15:09

GHKH VA Results 2019

Siegerin VA 1 2093 Oana vom Holtkämper Hof Jörg Niedergassel Bielefeld D

VA 2 2046 Baisha di Casa Caputi Julia Kranicz Delbrück D

VA 3 2015 Goldie von der Karl-May Höhle Dietmar Schüßler Pörnbach D

VA 4 2054 Leona von der Zenteiche Christoph Ludwig Gemmerich D

VA 5 2113 Mam'zelle du Val D'Anzin Eric Trentenaere Fontenay St. Pere F

VA 6 2109 Clea dell' Ecclesia Prisca Winfried Benitz Reichertshofen D

VA 7 2092 Princess dei Murolo Eric Trentenaere Fontenay St. Pere F

VA 8 2034 Ulme del Rione Antico Salvatore Caniello Orta di Atella (CE) I

VA 9 2042 Annie Team Colonna Luciano Musolino Cittiglio (VA) I

VA(1) 10 2068 Java vom Kuckucksland Jürgen Manser Wiesloch D

VA(1) 11 2022 Netty v. Bad-Box Erich Ehrenhofer Enzesfeld A

VA(1) 12 2041 Finja von Walenius


by JudyK on 08 September 2019 - 15:09

What does VA (1) mean? I've seen the 1 in parenthesis on some of the younger classes too.

by benzi on 08 September 2019 - 15:09

Thank you Mackenzie. Results are slow post this year.

by ValK on 08 September 2019 - 19:09

you're absolutely right.
but ability of GSD to do the bite is necessary nor for sake of bite but as integral part of dog's selfconfidence and boldness in respect of suitability of dog to face danger.
show and sport aficionados disregard this aspect, considering an artificial substitution of natural protection trait as absolutely sufficient.


by Hundmutter on 09 September 2019 - 07:09

Good final point ValK, although I am sure a lot of Show people, especially in Europe, would deny they see it that way. But we are faced then with the longstanding lack of interest in actually training & trialling their stock which has mostly pervaded the conformation / 'Show' scene (both sides of the Pond) for decades. It has turned a (as yet small) corner now, I believe, in my country at least, because quite a few kennels are 'working' their dogs in order to compete in Germany; but that is still only for the BSZ & IGP (or whatever it's called this week); whether it is enough to do as Von Stephanitz asked, and keep the breed capable of work, is a moot point.


So then we get Weber & Buss saying in the recent SV Announcements that action needs to be taken to halt the decline in incentive for breeders to work effectively with(in) the SV, to ensure the 'next generation' is encouraged properly, to avoid over-regulation, and stop too many sales of the latest 'top dogs' out of Germany. But there are just three sentences: "The result of this (losing genetic variability) is the reduction in performance and a higher susceptibility to disease. We continue to breed working dogs; they have to remain able to be trained, and not only by professionals. However, I do not think that the definition of the working dog should refer exclusively to IPG sport."  And that is the most they will say on the need to ensure that tests are for real.

by apple on 09 September 2019 - 11:09

The German show lines are bred to be black and red, have a flying trot running around in the show ring, and have a specific conformation that actually interferes with the dogs' agility. Their performance in the protection phase of IGP is an embarrassment. What other disciplines are show line GSDs capable of? The SV has been a very poor steward of the breed. The herding lines are gone and a modern herding title is pretty meaningless. The working lines have suffered also, due to IGP and poor breeding, but at least in the working lines there are still dogs capable of work. As for law enforcement being the be all and end all for the breed, the founder developed the breed for police work after sheep herding faded. It is the case with any breed that has show lines and working lines. The show lines are less capable of work.


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