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by Jessejones on 14 July 2018 - 21:07

... sdchargers -  a challenge... Really?

Sorry you disagree, but lets just accept other peoples ideas here. Several others here have made the same comment about the risk of sending a dog away to camp, as happens everytime someone asks a similar question.

Folks have the right to post their opinion on a subject related to the question. That is what makes a forum informative, interesting and a learning experience for many.

I did not say that I paid that much for a dog. I said I spent the equivalent of a car on a dog. I don‘t owe you any explainations, but many have probably done the same. Medical costs, training costs, and several oversees airline travels add up very quickly. Especially medical cost. I found your answer „that not everyone is on a limited budget“ a bit arrogant...perhaps you did not mean it that way but that is how I perceived it.

About the question is back to you know what the BH entails? Because if you did, I doubt you would even ask about sending the dog away to train for it. Unless...and I can only think of one reason...if one has a dog with a bad temperament that one hopes someone else can fix.

Why? Because the BH is the first step and the easiest thing to pass if your dog has a good or acceptable temperament and a bit of training.

It is nothing more than a companion test...the basics of all tests... to make sure the dog is ok in public and has a sound temperament. If the dog is obedient, joyful and pays attention to handler, is neutral around other people, calm around traffic and other dogs, this should be no problem.

The test includes normal, relatively casual heeling at different speeds and taking corners ( the neck cranked heeling is not necessary), heeling on leash and off leash - the dogs shoulder stays by your left leg is all that is important. A few commands, Sitz and platz while heeling with stays, were you keep walking. Leaving the dog in a down for a while your back is turned. A traffic part is tested...A bit of loose leash walking with a few people on a sidewalk or grocery store entrance...with cars/traffic/bicycles and perhaps a jogger. And usually some sudden noise tests. Lastly, the dog is tied and handler goes out of sight, dog must remain calm, no matter who or what passes it at close range. I might have missed a few things, but basically..That’s about it.

I have done the test and been in several german dog clubs over the last 15 years. I am assuming it is similar in the states because it is still called a BH for Begleithund-Prüfung which stands for companion dog test. Each club may have some variation of pretty much the same content. Not super hard and can be learned alone or locally ...all too easy.

Added- you may have your reasons...not for me to decide, obviously. Just sayin’...

by sdchargers on 15 July 2018 - 00:07

jeesejones, your right you dont owe me any explanation as I did not ask for your opinion on anything you said, please refer back to the post question. Yes it is a challenge if you say something you should be able to back it up that is why I called you out. Your comments did not make it informative, interesting and a learning experience for me. Yes it was meant to be arrogant because you assume the cost does not make sense.
Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 15 July 2018 - 01:07

OK  it is hot enough outside let it cool down here please.  On topic and polite will work best.

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