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by joanro on 20 April 2018 - 20:04

Susie, what's your point?

Why does a dog need a 'real bite'?

Protection can be giving the family warning that a scum bag is up to no good, giving the people a chance call police, or grab a baseball bat and crack the guy in the head. Plus, a dog that barks and wakes up the whole neighborhood will run off a jerk trying to sneak into a house....the criminals don't want to draw attention to themselves, so will go to a home without a barking dog.

Adapt means to adjust and be able to thrive in an environment.
Susie, I'm glad we don't have people running our country with your attitude....we have lost enough freedom already, you seem to want to make it againts the law for city dwellers to own a gsd.


by susie on 20 April 2018 - 21:04

You are right, in 99 % of all cases a dog only needs to bark...back to the alarm system, no need to train, entertain, and feed it.
Not everything needs to be against the law, sometimes a little common mind would help, but common mind seems to die out.

by ValK on 20 April 2018 - 21:04

ValK, in my opinion it's cruel to keep a dog in the city.
Buy a gun, invest in a good alarm system, or make use of a Baseball racket, but don't force a dog with its sensible nose, ears, and joints to live in dirt, row, and concrete of a city day in, day out...


well Susie, i lived all my life in city and really didn't found for my dogs life been harsh, 
filled by restrictions. back in east it was slightly easier. in the west more regulations from 
bylaw, but still manageable as well. i even found the use for many constructions at 
nearest playgrounds by using them for dog's training/exercises. for loose run there are
areas and parks designated as "off-leash" zones. so i guess all depends on dog's owner.
most what pisses me off it's city's yearly fees for right to be dog owner and 
reaction on complaints of nervous folks who can't stand dog's barks and "bleeding 
hearts", who considering that training the dogs is a cruelty. thanks God they aren't in 
sure i would prefer to live on acreage instead of city dwelling but that's way beyond my 
and many others dwellers means. so you just try to make best use from what you have.

as for security systems, they are less effective deterrent than barking dog. often cops not
even bother seriously about break-in and such petty offenses and "junkies" aware of this
very well.

by Centurian on 20 April 2018 - 22:04

Let me say USA , maybe a little .. Having said that .. in some cities , this is an ideal place to have a dog , even a GS . Not all USA cities are like New York city . Growing up in the city , most people in my neighborhood had a sizable yard , some as big as 1/2 soccer fields that I see in Europe , and which also the size of some Sch club fields that I have seen in Europe too , with plenty of space to house and have dogs. Also many cities have Many high schools have football fields and the cities usually can have common grounds /parks too . So to say that the city is not a place for a GS is not true.

My 1st German Shepherd had free reign of the neighborhood off leash with the blessing and acceptance of the neighbors. . In 14 years of that dog's life there was never but one crime. Two weeks after this dog died , 3 homes were broken into ! That was not by coincidence for we found out who broke into the houses by the PD investigation. This teenager knew that the dog died and no longer patrolled the neighbor's houses . That was decades ago .

Duke ..I will beg to differ , for what Jo wrote to a degree has some validity- IMOp. I would not dismiss all that she said , so fast. I will leave it at that without any further comment .

by joanro on 20 April 2018 - 23:04

Susie, an alarm system ? Really? Instead of a good dog?
A bad guy must already be in the process of trespassing or breaking in before goes off...too late to save the family or to be prepared to defend with a weapon.

A dog on the other hand will give warning before they bad guy even gets to the house, while he is a distance away. That will give heads up and more time to arm against the scum bag...plus, as I said, bad guys don't want to draw attention to themselves wit ha loud barking dog...so they will run away and break into a house with no noisey dog.

Plus, alarm systems tend to be rather cold and un- affectionate ! Did you know that many Americans love having a good dog as part of the family, and the dog loves them back....even dogs who live in cities love their family and will protect them from intruders who intend harm to the family. Imagine that, Susie, dogs are family members and share the home, living indoors with the humans here in the USA.

by ggturner on 20 April 2018 - 23:04

There are many sources that claim a dog is a better for home protection than an alarm system.



by Jessejones on 20 April 2018 - 23:04

Cent -
Good on you! Sounds like you found an ideal place to live in the US.

I have 3 acres, not huge by many standards, but a lot by other standards.
My dogs have lots of room to run on my property...lawn, forest and meadows.

But in all the places in the US I have lived...
California, Florida and New Mexico, and Washington state, nowhere could I walk or play off leash legally except dog parks and the few and far between “dog beaches”. Note the word Legally.

A dog on a football field in the USA? Never allowed in a million years where I have lived or now live...on or off leash. You would get shouted off immediately!! Baseball diamond...sport fields...school fields...No freaking way. Common grounds or parks? Ok, but only strictly on leash and not in most federal park systems. I never found a “dog club” in any of my areas. Of leash in my neighborhood outside of my acreage? No way.

Actually, believe it or not, the best place I lived with my gs was in Germany’s largest southern city, right smack downtown.
Not all cities are great, but this one was terrific with a dog.
The park system was huge and phenomenal for dogs with huge meadows, the size of 10 football fields at least, where dog could run free and no fences. A river goes right through the city with endless parks and walk ways where I could run my dog with my bike 10K or more...probably all the way to Austria if I wanted to, and go swimming, me and the dog in the river, all without leash. Every morning and afternoon we would meet at a huge field in front of a museum only one block from my apt.and played with any dogs around and got to know everyone with a dog in the neighborhood or did our training sessions. All without stress or leashes. All were well balanced and behaved. Of course walking along a busy street downtown a leash is used. But usually not in the parks. Common sense decides. 
My dog was never bored...evenings we would go and sit at cafes or beer gardens and do our people watching as the sun went down. Fun for me and the dog because he would be tired and ready to chill and still have stuff to watch.
Weekends we would hike in the Alps all day, often off leash when possible, summer and winter.
Those were great years...and just a few years ago.
But life goes on and things change. Life is good now too, just different. So life in a city with a big dog is not always a bad thing depending on the city and the owners.

My point is that dogs can be bored in a nice big yard without human attention and have a great active life in a city with good human attention.

by Swarnendu on 21 April 2018 - 00:04

Can we shift the discussion back to topic instead of alarm systems and racism?

by joanro on 21 April 2018 - 01:04


by ValK on 21 April 2018 - 01:04


Can we shift the discussion back to topic instead of alarm systems and racism?

yeap, you're right. forum should be seized for supporting and distributing racist ideas
and encouraging racist practice, based on breeding, which establishes one race of dogs
and for non acceptance of multiracial diversification and mutts tolerance Tongue Smile

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