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mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 29 April 2018 - 14:04

Olivia Day, please do not come here and threaten other members. If you read the whole thread you will get the facts and your threats are unwarranted.

by GSDMomma2 on 02 May 2018 - 17:05

For those of you who missed the news segment on this kennel-

For those of you who are new to this story, please read the entire thread.

Thank you.

by Dawn G. Bonome on 09 May 2018 - 17:05

I just hope that CHANNEL 2 news keeps people updated on this. People should call Pam Zekman of Channel 2 news periodically, and ask for updates on this story.
People should think long and hard before they step on the premises of this Kennel.
New people that don't know any better are the ones who are getting suckered into the web of JM, and end up getting their heart broken. THE DOGS pay for it for the greed of this woman!

I just found out about it yesterday as I don't come on PDB too often anymore. I was livid and saddened as to how many things one person can hurt this breed by what is done and gets away with?

by GSDMomma2 on 09 May 2018 - 21:05


That was my only goal with this post is to keep the public informed. I did not post to bash, punish, shame, or insult anyone. I am not a "stalker", not trying to take business away, not playing a hate game. Yes, Mittelwest has beautiful dogs and once was #1 in the US in the past; but things have changed. Money changes things. When quantity over quality takes over, things decline. Mistakes happen. While there is more "supposedly" going on than just parvo, I chose to only focus on the parvo because it is active, impossible to get rid of without proper quarantine and cleaning, and because it affects everyone. It affects families, breeders who work with them, trainers, club members, vet offices that treat these puppies, of course the puppies, and anywhere else these puppies go. It was not being disclosed to anyone and no responsibility was taken for the outbreak. Fingers were pointed, denials were made. Yes, the parvo virus can happen to anyone at anytime--but take responsibility and blame. Own up to these mistakes. Close shop, stop selling puppies, tell customers the truth.

IMHO, a breeder loses credibility and trustworthiness after an event like this. For those of you who know the past of Mittelwest, things have been brought up before but buried for one reason or another. People are afraid to say anything because the GSD community is so small. People are afraid of saying anything in the fear of legal action being taken. Speaking the truth is not illegal. Anybody who is interested in working with this kennel, of course can at their free will. My hope is that anyone who chooses to do so asks all questions and educates themselves in what they are getting into. On paper, the parvo may be "clear", but the deception is not.

I would ask anyone who wanted to speak with Pam Zekman to try reaching out to her. I would think that after a public story like that, more people might be inclined to speak up. Speaking to her does not have to be public if they chose to remain anonymous.

by Dawn G. Bonome on 09 May 2018 - 22:05

If people are MUM... and say nothing then they are part of the problem. They should NOT call themselves SHEPHERD LOVERS or KEEPERS OF THE BREED. People are only helping her by keeping silent.
Not helping the dogs or puppies, or the families with children who get their hearts ripped out of them if the pup is sick or dies, but being part of the problem, and this will continue.
JM lost credibility a LONG time ago. MAYBE people are afraid to talk because she MIGHT have something on them. As you said the GSD Community is small!
If there are new people reading this thread....LET THE BUYER BEWARE!

by hexe on 10 May 2018 - 05:05

You're right, Dawn--there have been far too many instances where a breeder or trainer is found to have failed to provide appropriate care and/or housing for dogs they're responsible for, and once the story breaks in the news, there's people who knew the individual[s], had been to the facilities and were aware that the system was breaking down...and who didn't say anything for a myriad of reasons. Fear, sometimes; or in an attempt to protect them, perhaps, with a hope that the situation would turn around before it was too late...

As I understand it, the owner of Mittelwest has a habit of threatening legal action if anyone dares to speak less than glowingly about the operation--and the average person doesn't wish to become ensnared in something like that, as most don't have a lawyer on retainer, unlike many commercial operations. Although the truth is an adequate defense to slander and libel charges, how many folks want to shell out attorney fees to present that defense?

But make no mistake--if the dog community doesn't hold its members accountable, all of the opportunistic 'non-profit' groups will continue to be happy to do so instead.


by Hundmutter on 10 May 2018 - 05:05

It is really sad; Mittelwest is not the first US-based operation I am aware of (even at this great distance ! ) where otherwise skilled and well-respected breeders and their kennels eventually seem to slide downhill. The clue I think is in Momma's "quantity taking over from quality" - success breeds success and then suddenly it has all got huge and very expensive, and its a business and a daily chore, and all the early love and belief and interest in producing really good dogs somehow got left behind.

Add to this - maybe this is not yet relevant here, but it is certainly often a factor - of a breeder starting to struggle with health and age issues, maybe lack of supporting family or staff, or other problems of that nature (even some distracting long-standing struggle with officialdom), and you end up with a malfunctioning kennel, unable to meet the needs of its customers and what suffers most, inevitably, is the dogs.

Have seen this over and again here in the UK over a half-century following dog issues. It's a long slippery slope; IF Julie Martinez is starting out on it now, the end picture seems, I am afraid, inevitable - unless she does stuff about it NOW. Admit problems; scale down numbers; ask for help.
All things breeders I've known about in the past did not do, before it was too late.         I think I am right in saying AKC has some scheme to help breeders for whom it is starting to 'get a bit much', just as does the UK Kennel Club. But it is simpler to provide such help at the earliest possible stage, and if it is admitted that it is needed, than to try to sort it all out further along the path to decline. And as Hexe says, it does not want to get to the stage where Humane Societies etc have to be involved.

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