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by KiokeeGSD on 18 March 2008 - 04:03

Need some help finding the breeder of a rescued black female GSD. She is tattooed in the ear but part of it is difficult to read. USA office was called but the tattoo could not be traced with the information we gave. The number and letters we have are HSE2033. Not really sure about those first two letters. Wish these tattoos were not so difficult to read. The bitch is approximately 3-5 year of age. Very nice temperament and knows obedience commands in German. She came out of the Athens, Georgia Animal Control. Athens is near Atlanta. The bitch was turned in by a lady that was keeping her for a male friend that never came back and got her. I have pictures of the bitch but could not figure out how to insert them in this post. Will be happy to email them to interested parties.

Contact: Sherry McFarland at

                 Lynda Workman at


by JGA on 18 March 2008 - 06:03


I don't know if United SchH clubs told you how the code goes, but if you know the sequence you may be able to figure out the tattoo better.

The first digit is a letter. In the case of "H" it means the kennel is in the south western United States.

The next digit is a letter and tells who the USA tattooer was that tattooed the litter. Tattooers keep records of every litter they tattoo.

The next digit is a number and tells the year the litter was born. In 2005 the number would be a 5, in 2006 it would be a 6 etc.

The next 2 digits are letters and are assigned to the kennel.

The 6th digit is also a letter, and is the letter assigned to that particular litte (A litter, B litter, etc).

The last digit tells which puppy in the litter it is. 1-9 end in 1, 2, 3, etc. up to 9, and puppy 10 is A, puppy 11 is B etc.

So, you can tell what part of the USA the kennel is from, who is the tattooer, the year the dog was born, the kennel 2 letter designation tells what kennel did the breeding, the litter letter identifies which litter, and even the individual puppy in that litter.


by animules on 18 March 2008 - 11:03

That works if the United Schutzhund tattoo code was used.  Not all use that format.  We have dogs that begin with "H" that were born in the northwest.  Many use their kennel names as the alpha designator.  We have dogs that are "HH" "VB" and "WA"

I hope you can find more information about her and find her a good home.


by rockinrkranch on 18 March 2008 - 16:03

Where are you located? Are you looking for a good home for this girl? I know many people looking for a nice adult GSD for a pet and companion. I am in VA, so you might not be too far of a drive. I would love to see pictures. My email is

by KiokeeGSD on 19 March 2008 - 04:03

The lady at the USA office was very helpful. She did explain the tattooing system and how to read the numbers and letters but we could not get a match. Thanks for your input.



by KiokeeGSD on 19 March 2008 - 04:03

I did send pictures to your email address.

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