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Scams / Ripoff reports Scam Seller Charles Durand UPDATE Proven to Admin - pages | 2| 3| 4| fleetbreeze28243382 weeks ago by fleetbreeze >> (goto)
Scams / Ripoff reports Vom Haus Durand - Buyer Beware - pages | 2| 3| danandapril038924202 weeks ago by fleetbreeze >> (goto)
Main Scam Sellerdanandapril03165032 weeks ago by Vinny B >> (goto)
Main Wormer for ......Koots167062 weeks ago by Koots >> (goto)
Main Information please!!!Kevinzavaleta216482 weeks ago by gsd forever >> (goto)
Training and Obedience Daika vom Schützenbruch - protection 11/2017denissoldan185842 weeks ago by Koach >> (goto)
Main Looking for kibble recommedation - pages | 2| hntrjmpr4344446132 weeks ago by Ryanhaus >> (goto)
Main "Steve"Ryanhaus247082 weeks ago by Ryanhaus >> (goto)
ripoffs Serbia con artistKingSizeShepherds210613 weeks ago by mrdarcy >> (goto)
Main Finding dogs in AKC online databaseFantom7620540 
Conformation Showing What's your thoughts?feistyjen477262733 weeks ago by feistyjen477 >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog My girl Hex is growing up :)UlrichGSD59553 weeks ago by Q Man >> (goto)
Main New Addition - pages | 2| ggturner7779193 weeks ago by ggturner >> (goto)
Main AMERICAN members - please read thisFantom76700723 weeks ago by GSDHeritage >> (goto)
Main Showline or working?Jenny45250273 weeks ago by Gustav >> (goto)
ripoffs charles durand is nothing but a thief and liarbud196673213 weeks ago by KingSizeShepherds >> (goto)
ripoffs Anyone try to buy from Charles durandfleetbreeze88224 weeks ago by bud1966 >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog 2017 SV Bundessiegerzuchtschau in Ulm video - pages | ..... | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | Irina Kuznetsova197783124 weeks ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
Main Pedigree matting and inbreeding coefficientKostasTzo19700 
Main Update on Nick Risden Lyme disease fundraisershexe13810 

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