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The History

Ingo V Forell born on Feb 11, 1973
NOR CH Ingo V Forell
Brown's Gigi of Ar-bel (Arbel) born on Jan 01, 1965
AM CH Brown's Gigi of Ar-bel (Arbel)

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Graf Belling von Grönland
Macho Di Altobello
Foxfire's It's Gotta Be Good
Littles' Baronessa the Barbarion
Baymonette Sun Stone
Braebrook's Black Russian
Ceasar gallegos
Sant Kreal Orion
Aizak Veranis K-9 Dog Center
Nitro Von Kimbertal ( Jack Guilliams)
Fabio Abba Sonia
Dea Afrodite
Queral del Genoves
Dagobah Zeta Ginga Del Citone
Astro Azul de Reyero

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European Adult Female Doberman (23 months)
All Red Superior Size ALL Red Euro Doberman puppie
Excellent top male rottweiler pup for sale@Carnivo
European Bloodline Doberman Puppies Expected Sept
Maxim Di Altobello & Noblesshoff lines, best Euro!
11 Month old Male Doberman
Working line pups
Csabre von Danzig- Titled Euro Working Line Stud
Superior Doberman's European Bloodline Doberman Pu
Superior Size Doberman puppies with FULL AKC CALL!
European Doberman Stud in Schutzhund training.

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