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by FEsrigoHL on 23 February 2012 - 05:02

A Professional Breeder is the opposite of a Commercial Producer.  Let this be your guide in seeking a puppy.  A professional Breeder first & foremost has the interests of the breed in all things.  They study pedigrees & attend shows to see what various studs are putting out; thereby knowing what traits any given dog is strongly giving to the pups.  They exhibit their best. They sell ALL pups with limited registration so only the BEST quality owned by SERIOUS breeders are bred so AKC paperwork can be obtained.  If the pup and owner prove to be the right type to breed, then the reg is upgraded.  NO one can tell if any one pup without full dentition has a possibility of being breeding quality; & that is the minimum to even guess.  Bites can go under, teeth can fall out, testicles not decend & so on & on.  Only 1 M & 2 F out of 36 pups from the best lines turn out to be a big benefit to the breed.  Dobes have numerous health problem thanks to overpopularity & dogs being bred thatr absolutely should never have been bred because they were dominant or recessive for serious problems.  Real breeders don't come & go; they stick to breeding for a lifetime and can thereby seriously affect the breed for the better.  A Commercial Producer is anyone that breeds even ONE litter for ANY reason than for the benifit of the breed with high quality dogs/pedigrees; starting out under the wing of a established breeder/bloodline.  Study the German ways of dog breeding.  It is NO wonder their dogs are of such high value around the world.  Pups move out from Commercial Producers because their object is to make $, period.  They give dogs out on "Breeders" terms for pups to be raised by ignorant greenhorns who have NO idea about how to raise pups ( this from personal experience).  NO 8 week old can be determined to be of breeding quality.  Once you sign the agreement you MUST give 1 or 2 litters no matter how TERRIBLE the pup developes : crazy, blind, bad bite, under or oversized, hip dysplasia, etc..  Such people also sell to ANYONE; even those obviously totally unsuited for the breed or the particular pup or pedigree.  One kennel had a breed KNOWN to have many highly agressive types in the country of origin.  They bred & sold willy nilly & the local shelters  ended up being full of this breed;  this is a long story & fully understandable mostly only to those with at least some doggy experience.  Be aware that most of you "out there" may have a love for dogs but NO real knowledge.  Opinions are like AHs.. everyone has one & they are mostly poopy.  Better to read several books, go to several dog shows & then if you haVE any INTELLECT YOURS EYES WILL BE OPENED  & you will end up buying from a real BREEDER.  YOU & the dog & the breed will be better off in every way.  Someone with 7 or more generations of HIGH QUALITY ( those that conform to the written standard of the breed of the country of origin) dogs of their own breeding is the BEST type of person to consider as a possible puppy source; especially as a novice.  and NO.. I no longer breed Dobes so am not touting my own dogs.  I have been breeding since 1948 .  I did breed some exceptional ones and except for dealing with the people never regretted the time I spent in the breed.  YOU can be a force for the breed in the best sense if you just avoid COMMERCIAL PRODUCERS. People who say they are happy with the pup they bought from a CP are in NO position to say they are happy because the pup developed into a superior high quality dog.  They have NO idea what constitutes high quality.  What do you say to the man who has an UGlY wife, but thinks she is a beauty because he loves her ??  Yoo Hoo !!

Char Pazin

by Char Pazin on 23 February 2012 - 16:02

Agree, too many are in it for money its not about that its about producing quality dogs my German Shepherd Anna Vom Klaus passed away from Hip dysplasia she was 11 years of age . The breeder was just not good so I learned over time I never bred Anna because of this I did not want to  pass this on . I loved her so much and miss her .
Her picture is below.

Two Moons

by Two Moons on 23 February 2012 - 18:02

How does a dog pass away from hip dysplasia?


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