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by jettasmom on 09 January 2021 - 18:01

by jettasmom on 09 January 2021 - 20:01

Thank you


by eg21horse on 09 January 2021 - 21:01

Interesting mating outcome. Which kennel is offering this breeding? It is a closely linebred outcome on a powerful dog and equally so dam, Gracia. This linebreeding could cause some concern revolving around strong joints and skeletal system however I am not sure. Someone who knows Quardes well might be better able to offer input on this breeding.

by jettasmom on 10 January 2021 - 18:01

Wulfrick is the breeder. Pup is solid when picked up transferred. Handler is above qualified to handle pup. So far he loves him. I have no clue on breeder except pup was bought based on pedigree alone.


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