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by Blksableworkingdogs on 06 December 2020 - 19:12

If there’s anyone who is thinking about letting their female whelp a new litter, and your a newbie like me that’s never done this before, PLEASE trust me when I tell you that these rails that go around a whelping box that people call “pig rails” will absolutely save your puppies life !
Just the times I’ve noticed since my female gave birth to her four puppies last Tuesday, I’ve seen at least six or seven times that I walked out there where a puppy was between the back of her and the corner or side of the whelping box but she could not crush or smother them because of the pig rails !.. you might would think the puppy would scream and she would hear if she sat on them.... but if they’re tiny and they have no air I doubt they can scream very loud, anyway I can’t tell you how glad I am that I put these rails around the side of my whelping box, they have literally been a lifesaver for these puppies. I just walked in from seeing it again and wanted to sit down and post this real quick.


by Blksableworkingdogs on 06 December 2020 - 20:12