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by Aussielover2020 on 28 August 2020 - 15:08

I just turned 20 and looking to get into showing in AKC, I want to get an Aussie or German shepherd, which is better and what breeders are best?


by Hundmutter on 28 August 2020 - 16:08

As a fan of the German Shepherd Breed, I would personally suggest that if you want an AKC Showdog, get the Aussie. This is because (from a non US citizen p.o.v.) I believe most AKC Breed Show GSDs to be a travesty of the 'real' GSD and what it was intended to be, IMO, based on 50+ years knowledge of the breed and studying the histories that have been written about it.

Seriously - its all a matter of personal taste and knowing what you would like to have live with you; don't forget that you have to have a life with the dog outside the Shows. What else apart from Showing are you interested in doing ? Any work, sports etc ?

There is a whole load of information on threds, Articles, and tutorials on here about how to look for a decent breeder, I am not going to precis it for you. Someone else might if they don't have a lot to do. In your own interests, and that of the pup, do a site search before you give any money to anyone for a dog.


PS For me the GSD (at least, one other than the sort bred for the AKC Showring) is always the 'better' breed; but that is purely subjective. Who the heck can say "One dog is 'better' than another dog" ???

Q Man

by Q Man on 28 August 2020 - 19:08

I am not a person who shows dogs in AKC...I would advise you to find a breed of dog you enjoy then delve into them and find all the info you can...If you're interested in showing in AKC Breed type shows go to their shows and see what's being to the people...and find out if it's what you really want...
I own Working line German Shepherd...I would advise you NOT to get into the AKC type Shows/Conformation...Their standards are not to the betterment of the fact they're to the determent of the breed...
Getting any dog is a life long get a breed that you enjoy being around and working with...


Baerenfangs Erbe

by Baerenfangs Erbe on 28 August 2020 - 19:08

I am as workingline as it can get but I also know a few very exceptional AKC Showline breeders that have good dogs, with good temperament and good drives. Not all AKC breeders are bad. You can't all abolish them because there are some very nice dogs out there. I've met them personally, seen them myself and have been around them for an extensive amount of time.

One of them could have easily been a really nice performance dog while still being quite successful in the ring. And he's not the only one out of that kennel that really had super nice drives and a temperament to die for.

I'm getting so annoyed when people are like this and say "don't do it."

Have I seen bad ones? Yes, just like I have seen some terrible examples of working lines where a ten month old pup had to be euthanized because it's been so fear aggressive it couldn't function and was beyond rehabilitation. Or where I've seen such environmental instability I could have cried because it's not what the breed is supposed to be.

But yeah, let's rag on the Showlines to make us feel better.


by Koots on 28 August 2020 - 20:08

I would ask - better for what? You may get into the AKC show scene with your 'chosen' breed then realize that's not really what you want to do. Have you spent much time at shows?

Both breeds are capable of much more than the AKC show circuit. If you want to get into competitive obedience either would be good, provided you pick a suitable breeder and good dogs for such. If you get interested in dog sports, then the GSD is a better candidate (not saying an Aussie can't do it, but it can be harder as that's not really what they were bred for), again provided you have chosen a suitable breeder/dogs.

Find a dog sport club in your area, and see what they're doing with their GSDs. Go to competitive obedience, agility, flyball, dock-diving, etc. events and see who has good Aussies & GSDs and talk to them.

You're young, and have lots of energy to do all sorts of activities with your dog, so look at the 'big picture', and most importantly, have fun.


by Hundmutter on 29 August 2020 - 08:08

BE you will notice I deliberately qualified my remarks about ASL with "most". That does not condemn all; it does not fail to take into account there are some better examples, and some decent breeders of them. But it does go towards explaining why I would not be prepared to look further into them if it was me trying to decide what to Show;  in which, after all, as Bob points out, first & foremost you have to enjoy keeping your chosen breed. The actual history of the ASL 'type' of GSD explains the rest.


I do not want to put the OP off having an ASL GSD if that is what they decide they want; just that the way the question was posed demanded either a personal reaction (which they got) or a blanket response (which would actually be impossible, in those terms).  The question is also posed in such a way that it seems to me on reading it as though this is someone who fancies the 'glory' of winning in AKC Shows and does not really care what they choose as a "thing to win with", rather than a preferred and beloved dog companion. The only additional way in which to interpret the OPs query is "With which of these 2 breeds do I stand most chance of winning ?".


by Hired Dog on 29 August 2020 - 09:08

OP, choose a dog that you can live with daily, first and foremost. Being in the ring happens maybe several times a year for the casual show person, but, they STILL have to live with that animal every single day.
Personally, I dont care what breed you choose, I dont have to live with it, you do, make an educated choice based on A LOT of research, actual talking to and listening to those who have been there before you, take your time, then decide.

by Rik on 29 August 2020 - 09:08

just from my point of view, my first consideration would be that the GSD coat is pretty much wash and wear. the Aussie is going to take a greater level care to keep in show condition.

then there is considerable difference in size, so that may be a consideration.

I did give up on the American dogs because of seemingly endless array of health issues and at the time, good character was generally considered to be a dog that would stand for for judge's exam. I do think that there are breeders who have put a lot of effort into improving these areas in the last few years. If there are American show breeders producing dogs that can win shows
and do LE, I'm not aware of them and would like to know more.

as for the reasons for showing, my intent every show (unless puppy classes) was to win. anybody that thinks there are thousands of people loading up every weekend, traveling to shows, renting hotel rooms, paying handlers, constant conditioning, nutrition and many other things that go into giving the dog a chance to win just for some touchy/feely time are out of touch with reality.

people do it to win. if they don't win, they figure out why and do the things that give them the chance to at least be competitive or they quit.

by Nans gsd on 29 August 2020 - 14:08

The current shows for Australian Shepherds are supposed to be wash and ware; however, current shows are doing a LOT of trimming of coats, on all of the body; but I wanted to add that I just looked up Skyblue aussies and was impressed with them.

Nebraska good luck


PS:  also good dogs in aussies can be found with Eaglecrest Aus. Shepherds, Pat Parker; (currently relocating) but I think can still be reached in Tollhouse, CA. 


by Hundmutter on 29 August 2020 - 15:08

Rik, now there is one of the differences between your country & mine! It is our reality that there are still a great many exhibitors who attend shows as much for the social side, and for the opportunity to let their stock be seen if they are also breeders, as to be in the cards. Probably a majority.

There is a saying often quoted: " Winning isn't everything (but its bloody nice when it happens)". And another: "You always take the best dog home, no matter what the judge thinks". Could be why we rely less on travelling professional Handlers, even in GSD where it is quite usual to have a fit and fast runner handling the dog; the exhibitor still attends the show, and takes the dog(s) home with them. Also, British exhibitors do not rely nearly so much on coat enhancement products.

People who just regard their dogs as "things to win with" are not well-regarded.


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