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by ThatWasClose on 06 April 2020 - 16:04

While so many are stuck at home, I thought some of you may enjoy this multi university website.

The breadth of their online courses is far & wide. Peruse their catalog & prepared to be amazed, as many courses are absolutely free. Some courses you can audit for free, though you will not obtain a certificate. Or you can even do your Masters online, for a fee of course.  Some courses are offered 365 days a year.  Some are offered only at certain times of the year.  Other courses are take it now as you may never see it again.   3,900 plus courses & specializations. 

To keep this Thread dog related:

EDIVET: Do you have what it takes to be a veterinarian?


Dog Emotion & Cognition:


For those reading/posting on Blue Eyes Thread, you may find some of the Genetics courses interesting.  There is even one specifically about epigenetics.


Cleaning kennels?  How about this course?  Or perhaps it is more than you ever wanted to know?

Antimicrobial resistance-theory & methods


For those with youngsters at home, there are even a handful of dinosaur courses. Your kids later will be stars in class showing off all they know about dino's.



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