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by LastHeinrichsGen on 15 February 2020 - 02:02

I have an older client who recently lost his job of 15 years and is no longer able to keep his 5 month old puppy he purchased from me a few months ago. I understand his predicament and the challenges he faces going back on the job market at his age in his field.

We went through a couple different scenarios in which maybe he would be able to keep the pup but in the end he felt it would be best for the pup if she found a new home. He is not looking to make a profit, he just wants what is best for the dog and would like to recoup some of his money so he can continue to pay his mortgage while on the job search. As the breeder, I am more than willing to help find this pup another (and hopefully forever) home.

Based on the situation at hand, the puppy is going to be coming back to my home until we can find another home for her. I am not buying the puppy back, but more of a "consignment" (for lack of a better word). I was going to keep track of how much food the pup ate while here at my home and deduct that amount from the future purchase price as to cover for my "materials". I am not trying to make a profit here just trying to do what is best for the pup.

My Bill of Sale contract when the gentleman originally bought the pup states we will accept our dogs back for any reason but are not obligated to give the buyer their money back.

I would like to have documentation signed that he is giving me the dog back to rehome but I can't find any layout for one. Does anyone have a Returning Dog Contract form?


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