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by ValK on 12 February 2020 - 13:02

nowhere i said "big dogs" but "panter was not a big substance heavy boned dog himself" sounds too rich.
he had very decent muscular and well proportioned structure and obvious potency for improvement into something even better.
i didn't know Xido is your dog and now i understand your outburst against my previous post.
anyway, i still in my previous opinion - Xido do have sturdy built but way too small/short for male dog to be worthy.
as a matter of fact Panter had more harmonious structural proportion than Xido has.

by duke1965 on 12 February 2020 - 13:02

didnot see outburst , only reaction on your opinion, which I think is incorrect, furthermore, if you think Xido is short and small, I would like to see a dog that you will think of as big enough,

furthermore, im sorry I dont use professional photographer and photoshop in my pictures LOL

by xPyrotechnic on 12 February 2020 - 15:02

Something like this?


by emoryg on 12 February 2020 - 20:02

I would definitely do my homework on running that tight on B litter Ja Na Ka before you put the final combination together. You’re already getting a good dose of Zar through Ypsilon and Holly. .

Maybe consider the Ypsilon x Holly and go directly to Xido x Dara. In this scenario you have access to first hand knowledge on the Xido bloodlines which can provide valuable feedback.

Follow the mother line of Holly and you will see a continuous flow of mother daughters through the kennel Danaru. Back in the 90s I policed with a Danaru male that ran the mother’s line, and I currently own a Danaru half sister to Holly via Ziba. The line is very consistent over the years. Look for solid working females with good sharpness for the most part. Duke also has first hand information on that line through Torr.

by ValK on 14 February 2020 - 22:02

duke, i don't have knowledge and practical experience about breeding but i seen in my life lots of truly very good (at least from my perspective) dogs and i know how matting partners for those dogs was selected. i have much respect to your openness and highly value your opinion and there no way i have any reason to criticize or offend you.
comparing Xido to his father Tom, clearly can be seen height difference, albeit Xido has better and more prominent muscular build.
i also agree with you that Panter's appearance in big part come from Greta and she had very nice looking mother Ema and grand mother Ajka.
he looks more impressive than Jaguar. in fact on available pictures all his littermates looks quite promising.
as for male dog size and built, Boban was perfect. on picture without object to compare it's hard to guess and unfortunately i can't find him on youtube but i saw him back then when he was here.

by duke1965 on 15 February 2020 - 00:02

Boban might have been perfect in looks, but the offspring i saw from him was not looking like him at al and dissapointing at working qualities, so breeding is much more than bringin some female to a male that has great looks to your liking

LOL, not that that is not happening all the time

by ValK on 15 February 2020 - 15:02

totally agree with you on this one and in another topic, dedicated to "DDR breeders" i already pointed it "it's not much matter whose dogs in background. what is matter - how those dogs was used in mating to sustain and continue qualities, been achieved in the first specimen".

Q Man

by Q Man on 16 February 2020 - 11:02

I don't really know what or how others choose partners for breeding but I have a WANT LIST of what is important to me...This not only includes what I use as breeding partners but as a criteria when buying a dog...Some of these are ALL #1...

2-Working Ability
5-Color (I don't really care about Color but I do like and want Dark Pigmentation)

This is just a beginning list...I'd like to hear what others have as their list...


by duke1965 on 16 February 2020 - 11:02

define social please

by ValK on 16 February 2020 - 13:02

Q Man
well, what you listed is pretty much generalized template, which can be heard from all breeders of GSD, iregardless of what in reality they pumping onto market.


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