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by Jyl on 06 June 2019 - 16:06

Since we do not own the field that we train on, we train on a state fairgrounds, our club has insurance. We use SPORTSMENS'S Insurance. Our club is in California.

They are now saying that we have to have a "State entity number"... anyone ever heard of that?

What insurance company's do you use for your dog training group?

by astrovan2487 on 06 June 2019 - 19:06

Sportsmen's changed their policies this last year and I know a lot of clubs that had issues and switched over, not just a CA issue. Call Kennel Pro, I use them for my business and one of the clubs I train with switched to them, saved money and got a better plan I believe. Haven't used my insurance yet but from what I read in my plan I really like the coverage for the price.


by Jyl on 06 June 2019 - 23:06


THANK YOU!! I will check with them and get a quote. I am NOT happy at all with Sportsmens insurance.


Our club has used Sportsmens since the early 2000's and have never had an issue before now. I am no longer happy with them, so wanted to switch to another company. In order for our club to get this "state entity number" we would have to be an LLC and all that crap.. we are a SMALL club (8-10 people) and are not a business or a non_profit.. the LLC would cost us $800 a year on top of the insurance price... plus we pay yearly dues to USCA.. plus the expense of a trial every year....

Sportsmen's told me to call our "secretary of state office" and get the entity number... which I called the state office 3 times (took me 3 hours total after being on hold) and all 3X the people at the state told me we do not need a "entity" number. So I told Sportsmens and they told me the state was wrong... lol.


So long story, I am doing the research for our small club and am wanting to find a insurance company that is honest and is not going to break the bank so to speak.


by astrovan2487 on 07 June 2019 - 00:06

The small training group I was with was seriously considering disbanding if they needed all the stuff Sportsmans told them they needed so trying to spread the word in case others are in similar situations.
When pricing out insurance with Sportsmans they wouldn't even give a quote unless I provided them with all this LLC/EIN bs that I legally did not need for my type of business. Very misleading and not helpful at all.


by Jyl on 07 June 2019 - 00:06

Thanks for the info.. I will check out the Kennel Pro

by justde on 16 June 2019 - 12:06

We also just switched to Kennel Pro for the same reason, and as mentioned above, better coverage for lower cost, and no extra cost for additonal certificate of insurance.

by Centurian on 16 June 2019 - 15:06

Astrovan ,
I can relate to your situation . Although not in recent years but a dcade ago there were about 8-10 in our group . I veerred away from Sch / IPO . A couple in our group were very well versed in training for sport , helper and decoy work. We did away with ' a club'. We found that in our areas , Sch had turned so much into a gosh darn business and a big money making bit not to mention all the club red tape BS . Between the SV , Sch USA , GSDA-WDA dues , the red tape of establishing a club , [ we had our own field , lucky us ] the cost of a trial and the organization of a trial , [ for some other club in our area the extra cost to pay a helper] , the cost to trial your own dog or show it , the Insurance cost for a club - We said the hell with this . My point is to be involved in a sport or to indulge ina past time with your dog , what it presently costs someone , the cost IMOp is outrageous. This sport bit has turned into a big big big time business and as well as big money making enterprise .. I wouldn't mind if the cost was low or reasonable for the average family and working person but IMOp it is not .

Astrovasn , so what did we do : we said screw it- We decided to train our dogs GS as well as Mals , in French Ring . BTWour dogs did well . At that time the total cost to join North American Ring Association [ NARA ] was $50 . We had a simple friendly informal group and trained our own dogs and competed at trails which I think was $50 - $100 to trial depednin nthcatory you entered your dog Brevet, R1,R2 ,R3 . You did not have to at that time be affiliated with a Ring Sport Club to compete at a trial. WE entered the rial as independents w/o club affiliation . But what we did was piggy back on a Ring Sport Club not far from us in our state that sposored the trial . They were more than happy at that time becuaxse the more people that compet4d the better the trial for them . Most organizations prtoection dog sportys competed to keep people in their sport as opposed joining other sports.

Equipment costs were just about zero as we had our own equipment and if we needed something new each member gave a couple of bucks . For example a new leg tug to work the newer dogs or an individual just bought one for the group to use. . A bamboo stick we could buy for a couple of bucks at Pier 1 Imports for crying out loud , no fancy Sch stick or whip - items that add up . The whole year to train and trial my dog in French Ring , my cost was $150 - that is true , to train my dog and to compete at a trial .

I know however cost do and did go up over the years , and I honestly haven't checked the new fees. But how ridiculous it is to have to spend minimum of $2500 [ or more pending you dog's progress ] to title a dog . For the average person I think that is a hell of a lot of money . And if you work more than 1 dog / family , it's even more a cost . Goodness , at the time I switched to FR , I could have gone to Europe to buy a titled dog for no more than $2500.. The cost of dog doing sports , including the insurance .. well ... IMOP it's a shame. BTW if anyone has done other sports , French , Belgium , Mondio , you would never go back to Sch / IPO because IMOp ., the other sports are so much more fun for the handler and the dog.. So if you have the opportunity , I would suggest to check out the monetary costs for all the the sports , don't feel cornered or locked on. . And IMOp , don't get hung up on the stupid , foolish notion that a GS has to be SCh / IPO 1 to be breed worthy . That is such a bunch of BS that it isn't even funny . BTW , the Brevet and Ring 1 is, in French Ring IMOp , at the level of a IPO 3 . Goodness in the Brevet Introduction the dog has to work under gun fire in the biting and in R1 the dog does an escort within the defense of handler exercise. Nothing wrong with having a Brevet and Ring 1 GS to breed at all . BTW the Judge , who came from France to Judge our trials , Daniel Berneuil , bred GSs .

I know, I know , I know .. there are people now that are going to give me hell for writing that , But I say to them - try 'em and find out for yourself and then come back to talk to me .


by Jyl on 22 June 2019 - 06:06

Thanks to the people who mentioned KENNEL PRO I have contacted them and am waiting for a reply.


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