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by duke1965 on 23 May 2019 - 14:05

from one of the German shepherds from my breeding in KNPV , I never had any video, got video of him today after many years LOL

he is a full classic czech line German shepherd, what really made my day was the comment under the video from blackmalinois, thank you for that Wink Smile


by duke1965 on 23 May 2019 - 16:05

this also shows a thinking mistake in KNPV IMO, the last small bite where he shouldnot bite, cost him 25 points, making him a titled without LOF german shepherd

This one small mistake makes the dog worth less and less desirable for buyers, where a shitty dog who isnot going to give that bite can be a "with LOF "dog

this is, like in IPO or IGP today, a clear case why looking at points only is a big mistake

by xPyrotechnic on 23 May 2019 - 17:05

what is a LOF

by duke1965 on 23 May 2019 - 18:05

LOF can be translated as "with honours" and if a dog scores over 400 he got that added to his certificate, now the dog in the video, if he didnot give that legbite at the end he would have a KNPV PH1 with LOF 424 points, which would make him more desirable and more expensive, but still would be the same dog

by Centurian on 23 May 2019 - 22:05

I agree with you about your notion of the significance of points. Points does not a dog maketh a dog ! I always felt " points " ,,,, that is so foolish an idea , when it comes to the dogs .. Points are for the egotistical people , want to be better or want to have in their mind better dogs than anyone else. - I don't think any of my 30 + GS in my life ever cared about a point. Nor did and do I . One , two , three points does not make a dog any better than any other dog . Besides , I have biaesd philosophy : what is important to me is how I live real actual day to dayn life with my dog .. and on that note , any of my dogs would perform with exactitude in a trial and similarily in real life. For me trial was merely a day to day occureancde and what occurs day to day my dog is capable to do agaonst any nother in a trial. Day to day life , atrial , do difference - anywhere , anytime and any place . What I expect in real life is also how I expected them to perform at trial - and they did .However I have seen many many many dogs through decades : take them off the field and they are useless. Besides in competition the majority of mistakes originate with the handler , either in the teaching or in the handler's performance. Has nothing one iota to do about nthe dog. When I say IPO is laughable .. many people become so defensive and in doing that , they show me how much lack of understanding they truly have .

One last comment Duke : ' the bite at the end ' - There is more to the dog, than the dog just biting when not should not have that cost him the points. There is more to that bite , than meets the onlooker's eye [ I want people to think about that ] . At this point I shut up ...


by emoryg on 24 May 2019 - 02:05

Duke, thank you for sharing the video. That is a heavy penalty for the shot at the end, but you can see the build up fairly early on in the video. He gave the decoy more than one parting shot. This is the dog’s way of saying he wants more. After the inside leg bite on the bike, the scale is too far off balance and the aggression begins to bleed more than he can control. This gives him the reason for the tag at to end the routine. He got what he wanted and is happy to get it out of his system, but there goes the points on his score card. In the end you should be happy with his performance and happier with the outcome of your breeding. Not too many GSD make it through KNPV.

by duke1965 on 24 May 2019 - 05:05

thanks, Im happy with that litter/dog anyway, as im doing my business and test dogs all over and talk to people, I see more and more people starting to rocognize that problem and see the weakening of the dogs overall as a result of modern sports/points

from KNPV trainers/breeders, to judges and especially law enforcement people see the problem and look for change, but demand from buyers for offspring of the "champions/pointsdogs is influencing the direction of breeding big time and will be hard to change

by Gustav on 24 May 2019 - 10:05

That is a really really nice dog. Very nice balance of intensity, aggression, and control,( especially from a distance as the aggression builds over the exercises. Ideal working temperament for police patrol dog. 👍

by Centurian on 24 May 2019 - 11:05

Gustav , I intially refrained form discussing this, In prfer not to get into these conversations . However for novices sake : think about what I write .

Gustav , I agree with all you say about the dog, itself .. A most wonderful dog at that .. Duke should be proud and I agree what Duke says about : how looking for points has poorly impacted breeding the GS . However, I disagree with you over the word 'control' .

IMOp , the control is not what I would have in my GSs and IMOp the performance of the dog could be by my standards and expectations , a bit , that is to say , a bit better for what that dogs is. But then again , my standards are very very very high and my expextations of this caliber of working dog are very very very high . Just saying . " I don't care " ... that is what I say literally and figuratively say to my dogs. If I say 'out' , there is no issue , I expect an immediate clean out. If I say 'turn on ' or ' turn off ' I expect an immdeiate clean ' turn on ' or ' turn off '. And when I expect something of my dogs , then nothing less ,or short of that expectation , is accepted by me .. that is just me. I do not accept dirty bites , poor bites , or bites that occur when the dog is not told to do so .. I don't care how good or not so good that dog is ....I take an unwarranted bite ,, seriously . As I wrote there is more here than meets the eye.

BTW , for new people ... If a police officer sends a dog and calls that dog off and that dog bites someone , even the slightest bite that breaks skin , you have a law suit on your hands. And .. hence this reasoningand practice : when we sent a police dog on an offender there was never ever a call off. Three initial warnings to the offender , the dog was sent and everything was fair in love and war . A good number of Canine Officers could not control their dogs - for several reasons for each dog is different . " CONTROL " .. to me this is imperative, the highest  expectation we should have whether we interact with a dog in LE , Sport or simply  home companionship. If you cannot have the dog demonstrate or actually have control .. IMOp something is amiss , out of sorts . Again , my expectations I keep extraordinarily high .

  Side note : maybe .. just maybe  that is why , the reasoning ,  that infraction costs the dog a lot of points , in Sport.   Maybe that lack of control with an unwarranted bite is taken eriously in sport too . .. Maybe... 

by duke1965 on 24 May 2019 - 12:05

Thanks Gustav, my plan was to use that dog for breeding in a linebreedingprogram, owner said he would not sell, but got offer he couldnot refuse, dog was sold same day as the video was made,

for the main picture, I wanted to breed him to his littersisters daughters


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