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by Mishasdad on 04 April 2019 - 00:04

Hi every one.
I had a litter of 4 puppies but 3 didn't make it and passed in the first 2 days - failing puppy syndrome. But one did make it and was getting big, strong, biting, walking and running, in other words a normal healthy, beautiful puppy. Diet mom's milk, ground beef, cottage cheese with egg and oatmeal, beef, salmon and rice soup, salmon (wild caught keta).
Everything was going great until day before yesterday.
In the evening when I picked him up (as I have done since day one) he started screaming and seemed really scared and in pain. When I set him down on the floor he could hardly walk and didn't want to put the weight down on his left hind leg. He was able to walk but with a limp. But was moving around OK, no running. I kept observing him yesterday to see if he would improve but actually by night time he got worse and worse and by the end of the night was having a hard time putting weight on the right hind leg as well. This morning things didn't improve so I took him to my vet.
He checked stool for parasites - negative but did find bacterial infection but nothing that would cause this. Checked the legs, no fever, and at the end he told me that he doesn't know what this is.
Another thing I forgot to mention the puppy doesn't drink any water these last 2 days but does drink mom's milk.

The vet hydrated him by IV, and put him on amoxi mixed with steroid anti inflamatory.
But the puppy is getting worse and now can't stand up at all and screams in pain when he tries.
The parents were both DM tested negative.
Please help me save this gorgeous pup!! Any advice would be appreciated!!

PS. I have raised over a 100 puppies and have never seen anything like this.

by astrovan2487 on 04 April 2019 - 02:04

He needs to go to a neurologist as soon as possible. Is it a possibility that the pup was injured by the mother or someone accidentally stepping on him? The symptoms you are describing sound like a spinal injury or infection, but I'm by no means a vet. If this is the case the puppy needs to be seen by a neurologist immediately, the longer you wait the worse it will get. Keep us updated on how the puppy is doing

by Vibgyor on 04 April 2019 - 03:04

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by Koots on 04 April 2019 - 04:04

It doesn't do any good to give some homeopathic recipe without stating what it is for.

To the OP - I hope you can find a vet who can diagnose this pup and make him healthy again.

by hexe on 04 April 2019 - 05:04

Canine herpes virus comes to mind, given the loss of three of the four pups in the litter, and now this pup's clinical signs. Canine pediatric neosporosis would be another possibility; sadly, neither of these conditions would have a good prognosis given the continued decline in the pup's condition.

If there is a possibility that the pup could have been exposed to a tick, tick paralysis might be another differential; check the pup carefully to see if you can find a tick, as the condition will continue to progress as long as the tick remains attached. Removal of the tick followed by supportive treatment usually reverses the effect.

Best of luck to you and the pup; hope he defies the odds and manages to recover.


by Sunsilver on 04 April 2019 - 13:04

Hexe, I know distemper causes neurological symptoms. Could it be that?


by Mishasdad on 05 April 2019 - 01:04

an update:
went to a different vet today, did x-ray and examined him. He has a painful spot on his spine but thhe x-ray showed that nothing is broken. Upon examination the vet said that it must have been an injury that possibly caused a disc to put pressure on the nerve. Prescribed steroid unti-inflamatory and said that the prognosis is good as long as we restrict movement for a couple of weeks.
The puppy already stood up on his ow on all fours and the last time even took 5 steps. Yesterday he coudn't even stand up... so I'm hopeful. Please send your prayers!
Thank you all for your help!

by hexe on 05 April 2019 - 07:04

Glad to hear he's improving!

Sunsilver, distemper typically brings about seizures and ataxia; what was described with this pup doesn't fit the classic signs of distemper, but at this age, and depending on where the OP is located, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. There has been an increase in distemper in several areas in the US over the past 12 months.


by Koots on 05 April 2019 - 12:04

Thanks for the update on your pup and I hope for his full recovery.

by jillmissal on 08 April 2019 - 13:04

This is unrelated to your remaining puppy (most likely), but re: feeding them "salmon (wild caught keta)" - I sure hope you are cooking this food as feeding raw salmon is very dangerous for dogs.


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