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by astrovan2487 on 09 February 2019 - 00:02

I'm looking for advice or suggestions from people that have dealt with spinal issues in a young working dog before.
To be more specific my GSD had slight lameness in a rear left leg after going over a jump almost exactly a year ago. She was extremely active and getting ready to trial for IPO1 with no obvious issues. I took her to supposedly one of the best sports medicine vets and she was misdiagnosed twice, I took her somewhere else for a second opinion and MRI which showed severe spinal cord compression and both neurologists assumed it was just a ruptured disc. She got back surgery to remove the disc at the sports medicine vet, surgery did not turn out as well as we'd hoped, the disc was calcified. After virtually no improvement after surgery and no guidance from that vet I went to another sports medicine vet and started an aggressive rehab program at a highly recommended veterinary university.

The second sports medicine vet actually looked into her MRI and diagnosed her with an OCD lesion in the spine that had been present in her OFA prelim X-rays a year before the lameness. Since then I've done absolutely everything the specialists have recommended with no improvement. Swimming, supplements, daily rehab, chiropractors, cold laser, acupuncture, ect. She had an MRI yesterday that showed her spine is in worse shape than before surgery. Instead of just the left side nerve being compressed, now both sides are. We completely cut out protection and any high impact obedience, jumping, stairs, etc. I've spent more than I make in a year doing everything I can for this dog and she's worse. Now it's looking like she needs spinal stabilization surgery.

Sorry for the long post but this really, really sucks, I'm desperate to do anything for my dog to prevent her from having to be put down at a young age. I do not want another surgeon screwing with her back.


by ggturner on 09 February 2019 - 16:02

So very sorry for you and your dog! Years ago, one of our gsds had a spinal cord injury that resulted in total paralysis from her waist down. The vets tried laser therapy and acupuncture initially but it didn’t work. They did not think that surgery would help. Her pain became intolerable even on strong pain meds. She was 8 yrs old and we made the tough decision to put her down. Broke my heart...she was my ❤️ dog.

Hoping for a positive outcome for your dog.


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