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by Blksableworkingdogs on 28 October 2018 - 03:10

So here is my dilemma, for the last year Ive been diligently working to purchase the strongest hardest high drive working pups that I can, money is not an issue, Im willing to pay top top dollar IF I can find what I want, I see these Eqidius dogs that seem to be producing what I want, my problem is Ive only found one person in the sates that has access to "frozen semen" breedings from the Eqidius working lines and Ive already tried VERY hard to deal with these people, way way to difficult to deal with so Im hoping someone can point me to a breeder "that is honest and strait forward" that I can purchase one male and a couple female pups from, my preference is very dark black sable. I want "extreme" hard nerves and VERY very high drive and strong temperament, I certainly don't claim to know what most of you on this site knows about reading pedigrees and the names of world class sport dogs, but I have been around and exposed to some very hard import working dogs for a long time now and I absolutely know what Im looking for and what fits me. I constantly hear that there is NO WAY I'm going to get a breeder in the Czech to send me there best pic of the litter, EVERYONE says no body who is a breeder international ever lets the best dogs go to the states.... they keep all of them for them selves ??? maybe its true but it doesn't make sense to me, if Im willing to pay the price and also represent there kennel well by working my dogs to there fullest potential why the heck wouldn't they sell those pups to me ? I would very much appreciate any advice on where I can go to that do extreme selective breedings that produce these Eqidius type dogs ?


by clc29 on 28 October 2018 - 04:10


If I may offer a bit of honest advice.

The reason you may be having a hard time finding breeders who want to sell their top prospect puppies to you is the amount of experience you have with the type of dogs you are looking for. I read your post and the first thing that I interpret is, a newbie that thinks they need a bad ass dog (even though you say you have been around). I could be wrong, since I don't know you and it's been a while since I've posted on here. But....,people who have experience working and titling dogs don't use terms like, must have "extreme" hard nerves, and VERY very high drive. It takes a great deal of experience to handle a strong, hard, high drive dog safely and successfully. Plus, people that compete seriously or train dogs for real life application, have cultivated a network of breeders and trainers and would not be coming here to look for the type of dog your looking for. Reputable breeders are very selective when it comes to who gets their top prospects, and rightly so. Maybe if you told us about some of your experience, we could help you find a breeder suitable for your needs.


P.S. It's true, the European nation rarely, if ever, (mostly never) sell their top quality prospects to the states. They may let an older dog go after it's reaped glory for the European handler and breeder but only for huge sums of money (5-6 figures). ;)

Sad, but true.

by Blksableworkingdogs on 28 October 2018 - 05:10

Thanks Cheri
I appreciate your feedback, I use those words of describing what I want in a dog because thats how I talk ? as for as being new, I worked in the Schutzhund sport for several years a long time ago "25" years ago, life is now is to where I have the ability to get back into working dogs again, and I have a perfect place where I live to train and raise my dogs, but I'm not interested in competing and titling dogs in Schutzhund as you say, although I will train some with the local people I know here along with the sheriffs dept / k9 police officers, Im now doing what Id call real life practical personal protection work, but I do still enjoy the tracking and the obedience is an absolute must, as for as me being able to handle that type "hard" dog, you don't know me and I certainly don't want to sound arrogant but trust me when I say I can certainly handle the hardest of any working dogs, they actually suite me, its not at all about getting a "bad ass dog" :)
I was the helper for the years when I trained with the folks back then, and Im in very good physical shape, that being said I know very well I have a LOT to learn, and look forward to all of it.
So maybe its true about breeders not selling there best pic pups out of the Czech or Germany, crud thats disappointing. But I will forge on and do my best, thanks for your honest feed back.

by duke1965 on 28 October 2018 - 07:10

one big problem in my opinion is that to many people are hung up on a kennelname without looking into the individual dogs/lines that are used in that particular kennel,

Eqidius is a good breeder and produced quite some strong dogs, but by looking at the pedigrees, you will see that different types of dogs come from the different females in a kennel, so just run after " anything  "equidius  wont help you much.

Maybe contact breeder Equidius and explain him what you are looking to get and he might be able to help, 

also multiple other breeders produce hard dogs, but you wont find these breeders in the podium/fame records mostly

personally I have been getting strong dogs fom several kirchberghof lines, going back to paska saltztalblick, lines from hannes eitler in austra (konigshohle) and in czech and slovak several differen breeders that are not the well known ones

as I am in the lucky position to test many dogs, I am buying strong females for my breedingprogram and look more for the individual qualities than what lines they are from, im still finding that the stronger ones tend to go back to several identical lines mostly

now we have pups (not for sale) from old czech lines, mixed with hoky va pe (tyson) bred to pepper kap karthago

looking to bring certain qualities together,rather than looking at the breedername of the individual breeding partners



by Blksableworkingdogs on 28 October 2018 - 14:10

Wow.... now thats good advice, so thank you very much "Duke1965"
Id like very much to speak with you about this if that'd be ok ? Im on my way to church this morning so I won't be able to check back on here until later today, I do appreciate your insight and knowledgable advice.
I will take it and learn from your response. Please just message me on how to contact you. Thanks !

Q Man

by Q Man on 28 October 2018 - 15:10

Learn the bloodlines...Not the kennel names...Have or get First Hand knowledge of what you're wanting...


by Blksableworkingdogs on 28 October 2018 - 17:10

I’m trying..... I’ve personally experienced some of the Eqidius progeny and they were very serious dogs, it’s not that I’m stuck on just that blood line, just the hardness of those type is what I have to have, that’s why I posted my question, looking for help and advice, most of you already know a lot more than me, but I’ll get there because I NEVER quit,,, I’ll eventually get there.

by duke1965 on 28 October 2018 - 18:10

send you a PM

by astrovan2487 on 28 October 2018 - 20:10

I would think the best way to get the information you want is to contact the breeder directly. Even if you don't want to do IPO the next best way to find the type of dog you want would be to go to a club that has dogs with the pedigree you are looking for and just listen and learn. When people get to know you they will be much more willing to give you the information you want.
One thing I've learned with IPO and working dog people in general is that many of the experienced/knowledgeable people are very selective in who they work with. That not only includes the training itself but the information they have on breeding and lines. Maybe offer to do helper work. If they are in need of a helper like many groups are then I'm sure they would be very appreciative and eager to help you.

BTW my female has a lot of Eqidius dogs on her sire's side. She loves to fight, hunt drive unlike any other dog I've seen, and has never once not wanted to work.

by Blksableworkingdogs on 28 October 2018 - 20:10

Thanks astrovan2487, I have contacted them, the breeder who I think is in Slovakia, waiting for a reply but have heard nothing yet, I like hearing that about your female, thats a consistent trait I hear from owners of these dogs.


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