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by Hundmutter on 06 October 2018 - 19:10

Well I wasn't influenced by the TV shows, Jesse, as we never saw those over here ! (Littlest Hobo, yes - but none with a white GSD). I don't watch GoT either, but have read all the books.  And yes, I like direwolves, but George RR Martin doesn't really talk much about their colours, so I had not registered any particular ref to white ones.Teeth Smile Odd, really, this thing aboout loving white GSDs as kids; can't say I'd noticed it (even though I appear to fit right in !) - do you think there are more, or less, than the zillions of people who tell you they were bitten by a dog in childhood, and its almost always a GSD ?


Oh gawd, could not agree with you more about 'fashion dogs', from Dulux on up.

Dexter has lighter than usual pads and nails, a general lack of pigment I have always associated with white Sheps - I have only seen one or two in a lifetime of those white dogs with black noses etc. Which makes me wonder about what else crept into the development of the WSS.  I suspect people like white  dogs with black noses because it reminds them of that lovely grin on Samoyed faces ! Not the big baad image some have of GSDs.





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