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by Jessejones on 08 October 2018 - 22:10

The feet you posted are ok. Just a bit of splay, not extreme though, IMO.

It can be hard to say if splayed/flat feet are genetic or became that way due to lifestyle sometimes.

Dogs can get flatter or splayed feet if they are raised around...and do lots of walking or running ...on soft surfaces like sand, loam, gravel, loose rocks or even a lot of wet grass or even hard constant cement will do it. It can make any dogs feet spread out more over time, due to the ligaments loosening. Or, if dogs go through a lot of underbrush with fallen logs, rocks or other obstacles, they will splay their toes for more grip and that can change the shape of the foot as they age too.

The tighter rounder cat-foot type became the Rittmeister‘s choice of foot because he believed it to indicate a dry-boned dog with overall tighter ligamentation. Tighter ligamentation in his ideas, were better suited for long distance herding and trotting with less effort on the dog and his joints.
Thanks to those that posted pics.

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