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by GIANCANAS on 29 August 2018 - 18:08

Who want more information can read my post in Facebook, in my Wall Alessandra Motta, is pubblic somo everybody can see.

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 29 August 2018 - 20:08

If you want this post to stay you need to give the reasons for your warning and not just say go someplace to find the information.

What you have done is very unfair

by GIANCANAS on 30 August 2018 - 03:08

I don t do for some special reason, only because is long story...but not problem here we are.
This person was coming to me ( she was recomending by my friend) for to have a puppy a bitch.
She choose and I give two option of agreement and she decide for one, to pay amount + co-owner + and puppy back from the first litter.
So I am living in Spain and she living in United States Virginia.
Also she was request to crop the ears, I was done by my money.
In the Price was included microchip, Passport, vacines, test of ataxia, export pedigree, rabbie, wasn't included trasportation+ ears+certifcate for travel.
Well all this start August 2016 and after two years this is the situation:

-We don t have CO-OWNER , because when she received the export pedigree , unfortunately for the rules of FCI , was only her name, and I advise her :-remenber our agreement...but nope, she register the bitch only in her name
- plus I don t know if the female is alive or dead, I don t have any news, picture about my bitch breed by, NOTHING!!!!
But the story isn t finish :
one year ago she coming to me, after I was start to pushing for the money or to have the dog back, that she want owned the dog in full (she was already the only owner ) , and she offer me a amount and I say not because for me the money isn t all, and after see all the situation, I say no way.
Anyway, I was travel with the bitch in Dicember 2016 to brought her to this person...After one months she decide to make the bitch Ch, so she hire a Pro Handler and also she show other dog owned by her....well my bitch was coming CH pretty fast , but in the same time starting up and down from Miss Diane, and I was thinking some is wrong, but my position wasn t the best for to say some, so I was keep quite and patience...In the end she brought to those handler to show 3 dogs, but any mention to me about the money, I was asking so, in March, if she start to one time was in the end of the month, other time, she has medical problem, other time other story, and more and more...but not the same time she was looking in Europe for other puppies, and she was block me in that pubblication in Facebook, so I reléase because one of my friend advise me .
So she loose in Europe 1000 $ because she reserve 2 dogs and after for don t rispect the payment agreement, so the contract was broken, those dogs was lucky, but off course I don t received any money, and off course she block everybody , unfriend all the people , ect...She really nice and friendly in the beginning but after staring the changing and the problem.
In top of all , she don t pay the handlers.
But, she has a full payment for to pay ,her last import from Europe, but not money for me and for the handlers.
This poor last import, off course bitch, she breed her with one years old, actually she has litter now.
I wasn t made the contract because I don t do, especially when somebody coming from a friend, but all was writing in Messenger.
Is clear for me she was planning all that , because I will never understand WHY SHE DO ALL TO ME !!!!WHY???????
But, the really bad things is , I don t know NOTHING , about my bitch breed by, nothing .....SO BEWARE TO THIS WOMAN, IS JUST SHAME FOR THE BREED TO HAVE THIS KIND PEOPLE INSIDE.

by hexe on 30 August 2018 - 04:08

Is this the person who you're referring to?



Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 30 August 2018 - 04:08

Giancanas thank you for posting the information to you claim

Hexe looks like the same person


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