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by Rreegan on 08 July 2018 - 14:07

It was previously noted by an administrator how to search for your dog’s actual date of birth on the AKC registration certificate (as opposed to the date the dog was entered into the stud book) and via the AKC website, how to locate the number of your dog’s AKC registration. It was noted that the registration number should begin with DN _________. However, there are many prefixes. DN is a common prefix for GSDs, but not for other working breeds using this pedigree database as well. It could be WS, which is another common one, but at any rate, it will be 2 captital letters, followed by numbers. Just wanted to address the other breeds here. Happy searching!

by GSDHeritage on 08 July 2018 - 14:07

The AKC registration certificate has dogs name to left on top and registration to right the letters might be DN but could be other letters depending on when they were born or their breed. The Date of Birth is below the sex for the dog. Now if you are talking about the generation pedigrees they send you that is a different as the date the dogs were entered into the AKC Stud Book would be that date. So you need to then go to the AKC site and enter the dogs name by their breed or if you enter the registration number name it should come up on their site.


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