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by tedebear12 on 06 July 2018 - 06:07

Has anyone used a ground transport provider for moving a puppy? I am importing a puppy from Germany, and I can get him into the US fine, but I can't get him into my airport, so I have to either fly him the rest of the way (which is proving challenging) or use ground transport. Need to get him from an airport like Dallas, Chicago, or Atlanta and bring to Kansas City area. Thanks for any ideas.

by GSCat on 10 July 2018 - 21:07

Drive to the airport yourself, pick up the puppy, and drive home. KC is straight shot north on I-35 from Dallas and it's an easy drive... if you don't want to do the round trip in one day, drive down the day before and enjoy an evening in Dallas, then pick up the puppy whenever the flight comes in the next day. The drive to/from Atlanta is a lot longer and harder (mountains, etc.) and there are several places with a lot of traffic. The drive to/from Chicago has a lot more traffic. If it were me, I'd pick Dallas. I drove my puppy from Texas and she slept most of the way in a crate. We stopped a few times for potty, at the vet, and at a friend's house before getting home. Had the vet not approved, I would have contacted the breeder and immediately driven her back. But no problems and we got home. No "puppy accidents" until we got off the highway 5 minutes from home Roll eyes


Good luck Regular Smile


by Mindhunt on 15 July 2018 - 10:07

If you absolutely can't drive there to pick up your pup, I would recommend Precious Pets Transport.  They got my dog from Michigan to Texas via ground and I loved the person doing the transport.  She sent me updates along the way and pictures so I would know where they were and how my pup was doing.  Her van was comfy and outfitted for dog comfort.  She would bring all the dogs into the hotel room with her at night and has a list of hotels she used along the way that accepts pets.  She was attentive to their needs and very careful when letting them out one at a time to potty.

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