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by Lisette Skoglund on 12 May 2018 - 17:05

Hi! I have an almost 2 yr old female Labrador, she is fairly small for a lab, around 26kg. I started feeding her raw earlier this year and it’s worked great. I’ve been buying bulmers minced bone and meat and mixing it with their offal and tripe. However it is time consuming and smells awful and I don’t really want to do it anymore, despite it being the cheapest option, I have decided to use a branded one so I can just defrost, and give her the right amount. I’m using nutriment raw at the moment.. but they use a lot of plastic and I’m not sure how recyclable the containers are. I’d ideally like one with a more eco friendly container. Anyone know the best brands and which are on the cheaper end of the scale?

by Dawulf on 12 May 2018 - 21:05

Where are you located?

by Lisette Skoglund on 13 May 2018 - 17:05

Some of my friends introduced me to my raw dog food: who knows how to look and give me an advice. Thank you

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