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by Missy58 on 12 March 2018 - 20:03

Hi and Ty for allowing me to join this group.
I need help and advice regarding my Yorkie girl Missy.
I bred her with my daughters friends Yorkie boy, and last Wednesday she had just the one pup a little girl, this was her first litter.
The stud owner either wants the puppy and give me £250 or allow me to keep her and give her £250.
She has checked out prices of Yorkies and got it into her head they are all £500 but seems to forget puppies are vet checked,first inoculations and microchipped when sold.
Myself I want to keep puppy as a pet along with the mum who I will be getting speyed.
Please don't think I am interested in the money value, I know I will become attached to this little one as she is the only puppy.
Can anyone please advise me on how this works as I have never bred from any of my dogs before.
Mum and baby are both well and doing great.
Thank you in advance.

by joanro on 12 March 2018 - 21:03

One puppy is not a litter. If you paid a stud fee, you should be entitled to another breeding. What was the agreement before breeding?


by Hundmutter on 13 March 2018 - 07:03

You could do your own 'homework' and ring round a few Yorkie breeders and ask what they charge for their pups at the moment - that would give you the market rate this year among people 'doing it for real'. I would then expect the price of my casually bred, 'my dog with my friend's dog', pet pup to reflect that, but be lower (since the puppy is bred by a beginner and has no thought to the pedigree or breedworthy status of the parents).

Say if it's eight hundred quid, ( I'm not 'in' Yorkies, so just making an educated guess) £500 or £600

equivalent seems reasonable. Nothing unusual about splitting it between a (the) pup and some money, either way you do it.

While Joanro makes a legitimate point, I suspect you can't respond since this sort of mating rarely has any pre-planning, contractual agreements etc.

There are no 'Rules' as to 'how it works', as such. But you are generally expected to work out in advance with the stud dog owner or breeding partner exactly WHAT  your relationship is and what prices you are charging, fees you are paying, etc.

It is a pity you did not see this one coming (singleton pups not being unusual with Yorkies) and agree at the start that you were definitely going to keep it yourself if it was only one; the father's owner (not unreasonably) wants something out of the deal, if you did not pay her a Stud Fee to start with. If there had been two puppies, you could presumably have had one each, to keep or sell on, and no cash money involved at all ?


BTW: Warning! If you are friends with the stud's owner (or your family is) it is NOT worth falling out over this !!!   I have seen good relatonships ruined over this sort of issue, where people take intractable positions.


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