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by junkmail2014nov on 17 February 2018 - 15:02

I have an update on my little one. The first update is her recovery, the second, as you’ve guessed from the tag line, is AKC’s suspension of the breeder.

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She is recovering well. She is walking evenly on both legs in a sling. Her pain is mostly under control. They've been able to reduce some of her pain meds a bit. She is eating and drinking well. She is able to position for pee/poo evenly, i.e. not favoring putting weight on one side more than the other. According to the medical reports, VT's and her Doctors, she is still bright, happy, sweet, and only becomes excitable around other dogs. The excitement is not aggressive in any way, they say, merely just "puppy" wanting to play and not being able to and thus being frustrated about it.

Her stitches on her left leg will be removed Thursday. She will be xrayed again Friday and completely re-examined from head to toe before I pick her up Saturday morning next week. Then I leave/move early sunday morning. They will bathe her etc. before I pick her up. She is to then have another week of crate rest as much as possible with slow walks beginning without the sling. These are for just getting out to pee/poo. Then the next week is, again, crate rest but beginning hydro-therapy with the walks and slowly build from there. The physicians down here are coordinating with finding specialist where I am moving to so as to make sure there is continuity of care. If anyone has any more suggestions please feel free to offer them.

The AKC reached out to me this past week. I sent both the Breeder and the AKC, certified letters, addressed to each of them, signed by me, and sent certified mail return receipt. AKC finally called me with information. The Breeder is suspended. The reasons as to why are to be announce in March. I requested the information regarding the suspension, when it was issued, when the Breeder was actually notified, etc. etc. however, per the AKC representative's email: "As stated in our conversation, I will send you the information...........Unfortunately, I cannot send it yet.  I thought it had been published, but it has not been published yet.  I believe it will be in the March issue of the Gazette." I have requested a DNA kit from them to test my little girl's lineage. Their response was, "I will contact the breeder of your pup regarding the paperwork and let you know as soon as I receive a response. Should you have any questions or concerns in the interim, please contact me."

So, I am in another waiting period, however there does now appear to be some movement forward at least. I am not making any decisions on pursuing any legal actions against the Breeder as of yet. Right now I am just concerned with getting her well, then seeing if she can still physically be and mentally be a service dog, while at the same time undergoing a relocation and start of a new position. However, the total out of pocket medical expenses for her now are reaching close to the 10,000$ mark. This has yet to include rehab and, even if she can recover, SD training. Once I decide on what actions I will take, if it can be determined that my personal release of any information regarding this breeder will not adversely affect any potential legal actions, I will release said information. However for now, I think it is more important to concentrate on her recovery and my move. And besides, airing issues "in the court of public opinion" until a matter is legally resolved one way or another, may or may not necessairly do anyone any good. At least not at this time I don't think. I could be wrong. As evidenced by what I am dealing with right now. :-|


Here are some of her recovery pictures. As anyone can see from the pictures, she is turning into such a beautiful girl! I miss her so very much! We all agree that my seeing her will only serve to get her excited as well as frustrated so I am not visiting her. But they send me pictures and call me with updates daily. And she is walked and taken out approximately every two to three hours during the day and every four hours at night. I think that for now, this is the best that can be done for her so as to allow her to recover. And again, if anyone has any opinions otherwise, please offer them.

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by Hundmutter on 17 February 2018 - 17:02

Thumbs UpThumbs Up


by Sunsilver on 17 February 2018 - 18:02

Hope her recovery continues to be smooth from here on!

And hope the breeder gets whatever he/she deserves!

Of course, I don't know details, but I have heard of far, far too many breeders who continue to breed dogs that produce serious faults in their progeny!

by Jessejones on 17 February 2018 - 19:02

Beautiful face she has.
Glad to hear she is doing better and hope it continues.
It must be so hard for you to leave her in the clinic for so long. I too would have a very hard time leaving her...and frankly don’t know if I could. But understandably sometimes other options just are not there.
You also have the added burden of moving. When it rains it pours.
Hopefully you can be with her during the day in your new home, ie work from home. Psyche is just as important as joints. Wishing you both all the best in getting through this hard time. Thanks for keeping us posted and allowing us to follow her journey.

by junkmail2014nov on 17 February 2018 - 21:02

Sunsilver: I do not know the terms and conditions as yet which occurred resulting in the suspension of the Breeder. I am working with AKC to request the records. As a 501(c)(3) they are required to provide this documentation to me.

Jessejones: I don’t have an actual firm start date however once I begin no, I cannot stay at home with her. However I am working to find a rehab clinic/hospital which I can drop her off at in the mornings and pick her up at when I get off of work so that she has both companionship, medically supervised care, and rehabilitation. Add this to the mounting costs for her recovery.

And I agree, she has a very beautiful face. I personally think she is very beautiful, period. :-D LOL!!!

by junkmail2014nov on 18 February 2018 - 15:02

Update: On call Dr called this morning. She is still in good spirits, good tempered, sweet, etc. and VERY MUCH wishing to be active. Toward this end, even though she is medicated, even though they are taking her out every two to three hours, even though they are keeping her in the “hospital” are that is quiet with limited people/pets coming in and out, and even though she’s in that darn collar, they are STILL having difficulty keeping a 6 month old, highly intelligent, active, good natured, GSD puppy, as quiet as possible.

Soooooo, she has formed what they think is a Seroma on the OTHER leg, the right leg, at the incision site. A seroma is a swelling resulting from the accumulation of fluid under the skin and occurs when a dog is active immediately or shortly after surgery instead of remaining inactive during the post-surgery phase. Sometimes it can become very serious, needing immediate attention by a veterinarian, and may need to be drained, however, most often the body absorbs the fluid and the swelling diminishes.

She was on just one level BELOW, the highest recommended dosage on all of her pain, chill, anti-inflammatory medications. They are trying to be very careful of her liver, particularly in light of her young age. However, they are going to up her to q 8 hours on the last one to see if they can keep her movement to a bare minimum. I’ve done the research, preparing all paperwork, documentation etc. and in so doing I counted up the number of days she has had to be confined in the last month. Of the past 30 days she has had to be kenneled, at age 6 months for a total of TWENTY-TWO DAYS!!!! NO WONDER she is freaking STIR CRAZY!!! ANYONE would be!!! Grrrrrrrrrr.....I’m not happy with the situation with this Breeder.
Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 18 February 2018 - 18:02

Have you looked into Cannabis for dogs.  Just saw a program on it to use long term and no liver etc damage to worry about.

by junkmail2014nov on 18 February 2018 - 19:02

Ooooooooo! Good idea Western Rider!


by Koots on 19 February 2018 - 02:02

Western Rider - just what I was thinking while reading about this pup's situation. Natural way to keep her 'chilled' with none of the dangerous side-effects of many of the pharma meds.

I sure hope your sweet pup will recover well enough to be the happy, active girl she wants to be. Good luck with the move and finding her a good place to help her recover.

by hexe on 19 February 2018 - 06:02

There's no denying she's adorable...I'm glad to read that she's recovering from the surgeries well enough to be getting rammy again at the forced inactivity. Co-sign the suggestion re cannabis, but that may prove tricky...Michigan does allow medical cannabis, but IIRC it doesn't apply to veterinary use at present.

I am looking forward to the moment you can openly ID your girl's breeder, because even if said breeder is suspended, it won't stop them from breeding and selling pups--they'll just transfer ownership into someone else's name, and keep right on taking people's money. It's sad, but true.

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