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by Hundmutter on 26 December 2017 - 08:12

The Admins have recently posted an information topic about the qualified Conditional Registration certificate 'awarded' to dogs Registered with AKC when not all information is known about the dog's parentage.

The post shows a copy of a sample certificate and in the example used there is an unknown sire. So the dog cannot be proved to be purebred; and for PDB purposes, the dog is 'proven' not to be a purebred dog, and therefore cannot be included in the Pedigree Register on this site.

This made me think: while not disagreeing with PDB as I believe it is impossible to keep any useful breed records where they are muddied by the inclusion of dogs that have no officially registered pedigree or pedigree name, I do wonder a bit about the different practices of the various KCs around the globe. And of publicly available computerised single-breed services, too, of which there are many.  There have, from time to time, been similar questions asked by other posters.

In the UK for instance you would not be able to 'Register' your dog, at all, as a pedigreed purebred, if you only knew one parent. There is no equivalent to the AKC system for qualified registrations. You could put your dog in the Activities (Working) Register, so that you can name what you can of his/her ancestry and/or Breed, and so that the dog can compete in events such as Trials and Agility competitions - but there is no suggestion that the dog has any sort of Pedigree, or is therefore any kind of 'typical' example of its breed, even if it clearly IS a Golden Retriever, rather than a German Shepherd, (and not just a mutt). - This distinction becomes particularly interesting when we realise that our Guide Dogs Association always KC registers all the puppies it breeds towards its assistance dogs for blind and partially sighted people, some of which are first cross GSD / GR (and therefore go into the Activity Register) while those dogs' pure breed relatives are Registered normally on the main index !

There was, for a while, a THIRD separate Register, purely so you could say your Pet Dog (of any sort) was 'registered', but due to lack of takeup / interest, that has been amalgamated back into the Activity Register.

I wondered if it would be possible to collect on here, so it's all on one researchable thred, information about different practices used by different countries' Kennel Clubs around the world ?

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