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by Nala2012 on 19 October 2017 - 15:10

Please be aware of anyone who goes by the name Kimberly Beck Wilson, Kimberly Beck, Kimberly Wilson, her company names go by Hausbeck German shepherds, hausbeck long haired German shepherds and zwinger von beck. She is not a reputable breeder. She will take a large deposit from you and full amount of dog, which totals around 2600$ and then does not produce a puppy for you. Comes up with excuses such as it has "died" or tells you that you are not suitable for her dogs or that you have somehow broke her contract. Each contract is a different deposit amount. I am aware of several people in the last couple weeks that she has done this to including myself. If anyone has any further information please contact me.

by minajina on 28 December 2017 - 20:12


I am a victim of her an her abusive behavior and fraud can u plz provide some details as to how to complain or where/

by Betsy88 on 10 February 2018 - 20:02

My husband and I also lost our deposit of $1000. and never got a puppy. We talked to a police officer that works where she lives and he said that he has multiple complaints from other people. She agrees to write on the contract that she will give you your money back if you don't get a puppy from the litter you desire, but she never gives you back your money. She uses varieties of her name, Hausbeck German Shepherds, Zwinger Vom or Von Hausbeck Long Haired German Shepherds, Kimbery Hausbeck, Kim Wilson, Kimberly Beck Wilson.

by junkmail2014nov on 10 February 2018 - 22:02

Research will be neccessary on behalf of the buyer to pursue legal redress and recompense. A list is compiled below so as to provide for the beginning stages of this research:

  1. Pennsylvania online Dog Complaint Form Submission:
  2. List of Dog Wardens by County to contact via phone or email:
  3. List of PA Annual reports of complaints filed/resolved and resources used:
  4. PA Kennel Inspection Database to determine if there are any complaints listed or violations filed against a particular Breeder, (NOTE: Pop ups in browser must be disabled):
  5. PA Attorney General's Office, Office of Consumer Affairs at where complaints of purchaser's against Sellers/Breeders in the state may file regarding violations of the PA "Puppy Lemon Law:"
  6. And abridged definition of the PA "Puppy Lemon Law" in easy-to-read brochure format citing responsibilities of Breeders/Sellers:
  7. Full, PA state statute of the PA "Puppy Lemon Law":§-201-93-dog-purchaser-protection
  8. The State of PA's "Rights and Resources" under the Consumer Protection act:
  9. The article noting the Humane Society's research on reports regarding the top 100 unsafe and inhumane breeders, (Years 2015-2017 are listed at the bottom):
  10. A compiled listing of "Puppy Mill" "Horrible Hundred" breeders/sellers FY2017 full report:

Good luck in your endeavors. It is sincerely hoped that if there have been serious violations and/or cruelty found, that rapid pursuit of prosecution will help alleviate these issues. 


by kitkat3478 on 12 February 2018 - 05:02

They trying a nice play on the Zwinger von Himmel reputation.One look at her facebook should be enough to turn you right around.
Got to say, the HausBeck brought me to her page. I remember thinking,damn, wouldn't it be nice to ..
get a dog of theirs within driving distance,
The reviews alone are enough to make even a compulsive gambler shudder.It was awhile ago when I got roped into checking it out,and if memory serves me, they were claiming to carry out the families business here in the US, and that their family had some of the finest dogs,yada, yada, yah. I be like,Hello,I was born at night, just not last night!
Times like these is where the best lesson learned is by those learned by others, no need to learn them the hard way.
If you give these people anything,it has to be A for effort

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