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by Rainwater on 16 July 2017 - 16:07

Is there a way to add dogs to the list registered under my kennel name in the breeders section that do not have our kennel name, but are other dogs that my kennel owns/uses in our breeding program? In my case, I have 3 generations of related dogs, but not all bred by our kennel. Thanks
Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 16 July 2017 - 16:07

No, The computer will only add dogs with your registered kennel name

Fantom76 (admin)

by Fantom76 on 16 July 2017 - 17:07

When you fill in the Breeder form (Breeders - Register as a Breeder) , you fill in a

Pedigree nametag

This text will be used to list dogs from the pedigree database under your kennel information using the site's built in search

The computer only searches for the name listed in the Pedigree Nametag.

So as Western wrote, you can only list one kennel name which the computer will search for.  There is no way that you can add individual dogs with a different kennel name

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