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by boogieoogie on 13 July 2017 - 13:07

Shepherd got up and was walking like he was drunk and turning walking into the wall probably about less than 30 seconds then laid down to let him rest for about 10 minutes - he got up and was totally fine bouncing around, playing with his toys - full of energy. His eyes never flickered and he didn't lose consciousness it like he was either dizzy or drunk. Then it happened again 2 months later this time he trembled and became stiff as a board, laid on his side then sat up. I gave him a few sips of water again it lasted less than 30 seconds, he got up started playing again very happy and full of energy. Never lose consciousness and his eyes never flickered. Then it happened again 3 months later and this was more like the first one. We were at the vets, he was standing on the scale then when he got off lost his balance like he was drunk fell next to the wall and laid down again less than 30 seconds. I let him stay there for about 10 minutes he got up jumping around full of energy - took him home and he was playing again running all around. Never lose consciousness and his eyes never flickered. All his blood work is perfect. Even the vet thinks its so strange. It has only happened when he has been calm. he is extremely energetic and never sits still always running around. They have not been consistent in what they look like. Has anyone ever had this happen.
Q Man

by Q Man on 13 July 2017 - 13:07

I've never had a GSD that had a seizure but I know it's one of the things that GSD's are prone to...I have had other...usually small dogs...which have had them and eventually they've all passed away from it...
I'm not a vet but have had some experience with Seizures before...I think they can be from a number of causes...Including a Drug they're on...or even from a Tick....
If you're vet can't tell what the cause is then maybe you could let another vet give advice...To give a different look at the same thing...


by Sunsilver on 13 July 2017 - 14:07

That doesn't sound like a typical seizure to me. Usually the eyelids flicker. It could possibly be a heart arrhythmia. A Holter monitor test can be used to check that out.

I'd definitely get a second opinion. Heart arrhythmias can kill, and if it is epilepsy, he should be on meds to control it.

by 2Cats on 16 July 2017 - 12:07

Hi Boogieoogie,

Sorry to hear that, did you give him Bravecto? Tick and flea meds/shot?
They have the same symptoms:(
Here is a video..

Please check out this facebook page, its really bad.


by PositiveK9 on 16 July 2017 - 14:07

Sounds like heart to me, too. I had a 3 year old that I thought was slipping, falling and was unsteady on his feet. Had him to the local vet several times - kept telling them something was off. They thought I was nuts... When he fell on his side 4 times in one night, I rushed him to the emergency clinic. Within 10 mins they found a heart arrhythmia, his heart was stopping for 8-10 beats and he was fainting (not falling). He had a pacemaker put in by NC State but sadly, they missed the cause of the arrhythmia (thought it was a fluke at the time), turned out he had a heart infection that destroyed his valve in 3 months.

I would have your dog's heart checked with an EKG - it's not expensive and your local vet should be able to do this. Just to rule it out - his symptoms sound similar to what my 3 year old had experienced.

by GSDHeritage on 16 July 2017 - 15:07

These sites might help you to determine if it is the heart with advice.

How to Diagnose Heart Disease in German Shepherds

Heart Valve Infection (Infective Endocarditis) in Dogs

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