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by Kanary on 17 May 2017 - 23:05


Well if you have to lock it, I see no reason why you should not just erase it, but in general I see no harm in this topic/question. I don't think you could call those answers, perhaps replies, a answer would literally be just a yes (with contact info) or no. 

But did you say pure breed dog? I get the gesture, of pure bred, but in reality a DNA test will always show a large margin of percentage as inconclusive, there is no such pure bloodline in any genetics, as thousands of years they have been crossed with various dogs. Breeds are more for standards, not DNA. That would be a lot of pedigree posted content you'd have to erase, since majority of the ones shown on your system within its 5-10+ blood lines show a mixture of some other dog. As I stated, the reason why I gave this site a chance to look for the bandog I am looking for, is because of its lineage data base, a lot of back yard breeders don't know what kind of dog they said they had, over 10 different terrier breeds they mistakenly call it pitbulls, a massive array of bullies, mixes and others they call it cane corso or presa, yet when looking at standards via breeds, those are not the dogs, hence a lot of those type of sites are a waste of time, if I was to shell out money for some of the prices they ask for, I would at least like to be assured of the breed I am getting, I wouldn't want to DNA test the dog and find out it is a imitation mutt, and not the working breed I paid for.

As this is a very good and informative website, at least it gives people view of the family tree.


EDIT: Since he locked it, I will reply on the last time on the matter:



What? A game dog means 3 things:

1.) You commonly take your dogs on hunts
2.) Your dog will not quit even if the animal is fighting back
3.) It has been tested in the sport of hunting

The entire bull family, Bull terrier, American bull dog Scotty, Johnson, Spanish bull dog Alaunts ect are all game dogs, not just the pitbull, perhaps this is more of your ignorance on subject that is causing a deter of my question. The Pitbull was never a fighting dog, its purpose was to kill the rat epidemic in Europe, hence the name PIT, in Pit-bull was from when the Europeans threw the dogs in pits to kill rats. They designed it through numerous amounts of terriers for stamina, endurance, a high pain tolerance, and a body structure that gave it a long lasting quality with being athletic, like the bruce lee of the dog world, as the staffordshire is its imitation, show dog, not working line.

Game has nothing to do with fighting, nor did the pit-bull's creation was made for fighting, he just so happened to be good at it because of being a game dog, all game dogs have those qualities to attack more than show dogs. Unlike LGD dogs, (live stock guardians) those like Kangals, Alabais and Caucasian shepherds primary task was to guard sheep, cattle, and other animals from wolves and other predators in a stance of being stationary, unlike bull breeds and game bred dogs who are not stationary, they are trackers, seekers, they pursue the animal they attack. Hence a difference in temperament, you should not get a pitbull for nothing other than working, because it will attack other small to medium sized animals, that is what it was bred for, it attacks humans the least of any bull breed because of their culling process, it was bred out. Have you even read any books on pitbulls or bandogges or handled them? It sounds more like you are spreading the stereo type fear mongering of ignorance to call a pit-bull a fighting dog. Just because two idiots fought them, doesnt make them fighting dogs, doesn't mean anything, but personally I am against the act and don't condole it. 


So why are you telling me about fighting dogs? I am looking for a dog that has protection x hunting. if the dog has no mastiff in it, it is not a Bandog, if the dog has no game lines in it, it is not a Bandog, a Bandog is a Mastiff x Game dog. None of the dogs you mentioned have any of those temperments and sizes. Next time don't bother replying if you are going to be ignorant about everything. 

by vk4gsd on 18 May 2017 - 00:05

You don't get it, purebred means a registry and a closed stud book. It has nothing to do with the number of different breeds that went into the studbook before it was closed.  That's why standards in general can have a large range of allowed phenotypes.

Why is that so hard?

Fantom76 (admin)

by Fantom76 on 18 May 2017 - 00:05

After that answer kanary ..... It's locked.

If anyone has an answer to your original Question, they can contact you directly.

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