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by yhecht on 11 January 2017 - 17:01

After reading many of the posts over the last year, I dug this out of my archives. It is something that I posted years ago to the GSDL email list, but I thought that it was still appropriate, and I'm sure that some of you will have things to add to it.

Based on what I have learned from the many GSD lists that I have been on over the years, here is what I would consider a GOOD breeder. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS. (In no particular order)

1. Breeds to improve the gene pool of their breed.
2. OFA/Penn Hip/elbow parents, and guarantees to replace pup if they are not good at 2 years. (You keep original dog and spay/neuter)
3. Tests their dogs for health problems like Degenerative Myelopathy .
4. Assists you with training problems
5. Asks you many questions about your life style, why you want to own a GSD, where will the dog be kept and tries to ascertain if their particular dogs are for you and if you are a responsible GSD owner. Helps you select a puppy that has a temperament that's compatible with you and your handling skills. Is willing to refuse to sell a puppy to a family that is unsuited to the breed.
6. Gives you health, vaccination, vet records of puppies.
7. Provides you with a 4-5 generation pedigree of puppy.
8. Shows you the dam, and if possible the sire, and possibly siblings from a previous mating
9. Gives you names of people as references who have purchased their dogs
10. Maintains sanitary, clean quarters for the dogs
11. Socializes all puppies, takes them for car rides, plays with each one individually
12. Has you sign a contract requiring that you return the puppy to them, if at any time, at any age, for any reason you decide not to keep the dog.
13. Is active in showing/obedience/herding/agility/schutzhund etc.
14. Will want to keep tabs on you and your dog for the dog's life.
15. Keeps at least one puppy in each litter for their breeding program (otherwise, what was the purpose of the breeding). Can state reasons they chose to breed these 2 particular dogs.
16. Encourages that puppies not to be used for breeding be spayed/neutered.
17. Is willing to recommend to a family that adopting an adult dog of the breed might be a better option for them and helps them find a rescue group.
18. Welcomes visits (except when unvaccinated puppies are in residence) and is happy to give information out on their breed.
19. Microchips or tattoos puppies before being sold for lifetime identification.
20. Knowledgeable about the breeds history, original purpose, weaknesses and strengths. Has researched the pedigree and knows the strengths and weakness's of the dogs in the last couple of generations.

by Swarnendu on 11 January 2017 - 18:01

Sounds good. Haven't yet met a breeder who follows all of those rules.

Will be interesting to read from the breeders which of the rules they disregard, and why.

by susie on 11 January 2017 - 18:01

I am against #16, just because I don´t believe in spaying/neutering

#13 I´d say TITLES his dogs in the chosen venue, every dog is able to "participate", but not every dog is able to title

otherwise nice list

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