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by marjorie on 02 June 2015 - 16:06

Please visit to keep track of health problems in the breed, search for health problems, record OFA DNA Test results,titles and if frozen or chilled semen is available, you can also enter this information.

The GSDBBR is open to all owners of Registered German Shepherd Dogs, worldwide, that have titled dogs or dogs within 5 generations of their dog's pedigree that are progeny/ littermates of these titled dogs. German Shepherd Dogs entered upon this database must comply with their country's breed standard, or be the progeny of a breeding of 2 German Shepherd Dogs, both of which comply with the breed standard.* This registry will house information pertaining to German Shepherd Dogs, both alive and deceased. You may only post information about a dog you own! This database is searchable!

This Registry has been created in an attempt to gather comprehensive health information which will enable breeders to make more informed breeding choices and to avoid doubling up on health issues.

We thank all who will participate in this Registry for caring enough to want to take a proactive role in bettering the health of the breed. Together, we CAN make a difference!



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