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by nightwatch on 04 June 2012 - 17:06

Be extra careful when dealing foreign importation, bad incident would happened!
Anyway, below is the letter that I sent to Veterinary Association Romanian for a complain on George Popa ...
Let see what type of reply I may get.
  June 04, 2012   Sediul central al AGMVR se găseşte  în clădirea Facultăţii de Medicină Veterinară Bucureşti  Spl. Independenţei nr. 105, sector 5, cod p. 050097  Tel. / Fax: 021 319.44.92 / 319.44.93 E-mail:   TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN   Attention To: Dr. Aurelia ANTON, Ec. Mihaela ANGHEL, Ing. Dan OLARU, Sergiu BALABAN.   Dear Dr. / Sir / Madam,   I am Leo Pui from Malaysia, and I am here to lodge a report on Dr. George Popa, who his Veterinary Clinic ( is located at Street Ferdinand 41A, Alba Iulia, Romania.   I have total of three bad incidents with Dr. George that would like to table to your board and expect a fair judgment and action taking thereafter: 1) I bought my two males Beauceron from Dr. George ( in February 2011 and I never received the pedigree as promised until today. The last email was dated on April 21, 2012, which he promised to do so (check enclosed) but never do so.   2) I bought a pair of Beauceron from Czech Republic and have the pups sent to him for ear-cropping cum boarding in late September 2011. The male pup found sudden death in late November 2011 under his care, which he pushed the responsibilities to the male pup’s health! (Check report & replies as enclosed) My question is why did he not taking the first reaction toward the said male pup if he is not healthy upon arrival to his premises? And why is he not taking the first step to treat the said pup and advice us accordingly but until the incident happened almost two months in his kennel?   3) I have two females Beauceron board and trained under Dr George, one by the name of Baya from his breeding and the other female by the name of Alize, whom she is the sibling of the late male bought from Czech Republic.   With the expenses paid, the two dogs were sent to my associate in Moinesti, preparing for International ship-out. However, due to unforeseen circumstances that my client didn’t pay for the shipping cost in due time, the two dogs were send back to George on May 03, 2012 for further advice.   I tried to contact George but I fail to get connected with him since May 03, 2012. I have sent him emails, private messages via Facebook, text messages through his cell phone!   I was by change, read one of his posting from a reposted by a friend that he is selling away my dogs and creating story that I actually abundant the two dogs! Later that I know, he had actually un-friend with me via Facebook and banned me from reading his posting and replies.   I managed to make a public posting to him on Facebook and asked him to send the two said dogs to Czech Republic by May 30, 2012, likewise, an email plus cell-phone in text were sent. Yet, he chooses to ignore all my requests.   Nevertheless, I managed to come across replies posting that this George to Dominique Kerskens on Facebook on June 01, 2012 at about 2100hrs (Malaysia time). I then send him an email immediately to ask for his respond in the next 24 hours before I will take further action on him.   Very un-fortunately, this George remind silent on me and removed the For Sales posting from his Facebook page! This behavior leaves me no choice but to bring to your attention and to seek for your kind judgment!   I am hoping you would look into this matter and to assist me beside I strongly believe that, George’s behavior is totally not acceptable to be a professional breeder and calling himself a Veterinary! I am to ask only to send back the two female dogs to me to Czech Republic, which I am most willing to pay for the transportation. I will not hesitate to presume this case further till I get a fair judgment.   Should you require further information and verification, please feel free to contact me further at email: or on my 24 hours cell-phone read as +6 016 851 1288. I have also two websites to prove that I am not bad-mouthing but I am a real person. The websites read as and

Leo Pui

by Admore on 04 June 2012 - 19:06

Hello nightwatch,

I am very sorry to hear about your problems with this breeder. My advice is to contact the AChR, the Romanian Kennel Club, as they are dealing with importing/exporting/selling dogs. The Romanian Veterinary Association can't help you as they don't deal with buying/selling dogs and as far as I understand you are not accusing him of malpractice.

I can also write on Romanian forums, everybody there speaks English, and maybe this way you will force him to return your dogs.

The male puppy that supposedly died is probably alive and well, it has a new microchip and a new identity.

All the best to you and I hope you'll get your dogs back soon.


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