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by rocket on 12 October 2006 - 13:10

I am new to the gsd world...could someone tell me what is the meaning of the Von or Vom in the names?


by Bob-O on 12 October 2006 - 14:10

Rocket-from an earlier Bob-O post: """""The German prepositions "vom", "von", "vom dem", "von der" "vom den" all mean the same thing, essentially the equivilent of the English words "from" and "from the". The difference in usage depends on the gender of the following noun that is part of the title (titled names, not Schutzhund titles) similar to what a member of the German aristocracy would have received in days long gone. You will also sometimes see the article "zum" which essentally means the same thing when used in this context.""""" Bob-O

Vom Brunhaus

by Vom Brunhaus on 12 October 2006 - 14:10

Your the man Bob! Nice of you to re-post from an earlier Bob-O-Gram!

by cledford on 12 October 2006 - 15:10

Which equal "from" and which equal "from the?" Thanks, -Calvin


by Bob-O on 12 October 2006 - 16:10

Calvin, it could be any variant depending on the choice of words in the title. The German language follows many hard rules related to gender and noun type, proper name, assumed name, descriptive name, etc.. It has now been thirty (30) years since it was my only language so I am far from being a grammarian or even someone who can speak it well these days, so here goes: For example, "Lothar von Ozarkwald"-von is the proper preposition for the word "Wald" and means "Lothar from the Ozark Forest". Ozarkwald is not a proper place name, just a work formed from two (2) other words. If "Ozarkwald" was a proper place name, then his name could be "Lothar vom den Ozarkwald". Or, if the Lothar's title used part of my last name and my home, he might be called "Lothar vom Haus Forbus"-vom being the proper preposition for the noun "Haus" and the dog's name is essentially "Lothar from the house of Forbus". "Wino vom Zampano"-essentially "Wino from Zampano"-Zampano being someone's name. "Burshy zum Alten Eichehof"-essentially "Burschy from a place near an old stand of oak trees". In this case, "zum" is the prepostion. Confused yet? I stay that way. When I am in Germany and my friends introduce me to someone, after a few minutes of conversation they usually say "Oh, when you speak you sound so American!" Gee, I wonder why? Bob-O

by cledford on 12 October 2006 - 17:10

Bob-O thanks! I've already wondered what the differences meant. -Calvin


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