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Oli (admin)

by Oli on 08 April 2011 - 10:04


Since I have been seeing a lot of Youtube video's linked here in the message board I decided to make a little primer to show folks how to embed youtube videos within the message/classified.  (this editor allows it, no problem)

First, when you have the video you would like to show in  there is a box in the upper right siide that has a code snippet that says "Embed".
Then after you have copied the code (You don't need to know how it works or anything like that.)   You need to click the "Source" button of this editor.

Then you get a strange text with lots of weird symbols (this is the coding of HTML pages or "the web". :) )

You simply paste the code at an empty area that is not between an < or an >  (its a good Idea to make a lot of Enter signs before clicking "Source" and put the code after one of the "

Then when you click "Source" again you should see stuff like this:

This means that the Video is correctly placed    as seen below


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