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by Patiala on 05 November 2004 - 17:11

There you go guys or gals. You got Kougar to help you. Shehas titled her own dogs and lives near you guys, so you can learn a lot from her. You need a person like her to mentor you. I have known her for sometime now, I believe that she has the knowledge, patience, and desire to help you. Just treat her with respect and as a good friend and teacher. If you still need help feel free to contact me. Ajay Singh


by GSDNewbie on 05 November 2004 - 17:11

Thank you both so much yes I enjoy Kougars posts and ideas love her information also she has wonderful dogs!!! I am in southern central pa just into the border just above Hagerstown Md I am close to West Va, Md, Winchester Va, and Franklin County Pa is where I am near Adams County. I really dont know the area well yet if any know somone near me please send contact info? Thanks a million!!!!!

by GSDLVR on 05 November 2004 - 18:11

Thanks everyone for your responses to my questions. I am located in the SE - Alabama. He has been to a couple SCH clubs and because he has a showline dog, he was not very warmly welcomed, either. (It's probably my fault - he's wanting to get a Belschik working puppy and I told him our show male was perfectly capable with the right time and training of doing everything a working dog could do!) So, I now have 2 beautiful show GSDs (Baron V. Ulf Haus and Xandra V. Lucki Hund) and would love to title them myself and breed down the road. I have been told the lines are great and would produce very promising progeny. The breeder that sold me my male is willing to start a SCH club for people with show dogs that have been turned away by the working clubs in our area. He said to get the info to do it and he'll foot the bill because he's got dogs he wants to work with also. My husband has some training experience - he is a great helper and trained dogs for BH and been successful and would be willing to be a helper. A Anybody out there in our neck o the woods?

by Patiala on 05 November 2004 - 18:11

Every Belschik puppy is not going to be a great dog, nor would a puppy from every working breeding and every show line dog is not going to be weak. But the fact is that the way the dogs have been bred for the last 10 to 15 years, the chances of getting a good working dog from show lines are slim. Ajay Singh

by Kougar on 05 November 2004 - 19:11

Thanks Ajaye, Heard you got a new dog???? I have a very nice Orry - Ufo grandson right now!!! And ditto on the Belschik / working anything else, you need to look at the whole package - and pups are such a crapshoot!!! To contact anyone privately, you need only click on their ID and their page comes up, then you will see a link to send email...mine is available and you can write me off list...maybe I can help you network into some other working groups as I do have some freinds out that way and in MD

by GSDLVR on 05 November 2004 - 19:11

Kougar / Ajaye - Who do you recommend for a working puppy?

by Kougar on 05 November 2004 - 19:11

there are so many people to offend on this board! LOL and so many wars break out...that would be a question for a private discussion which would include your needs, expectations, goals, lifestyle to all be determined before I could make any recommendation or referrals. We all have preferences for certain bloodlines based on our personal experiences and what dogs we have seen - I know that Ajaye likes certain lines and I like certain lines...some we both like and others we have differing experiences with so have different opinions. I think he liked a dog in KY alot that carries lines I am now using. I also look at the big picture and long term future to pick out the lines I concentrate on or avoid. It is not that simple to just say - go to OHA and avoid JWB...! ;)

by Patiala on 05 November 2004 - 23:11

If you are looking for a puppy, my advice to the new comers is to develop trust in some breeder. Once you get to know that person, and believe that he/she is looking for your best interest, then have this person help pick a puppy for you. Don't expect it to happen overnight. Communication and trust are two key words. Don't try to learn the lineage etc. etc. because it takes a long time to learn about the lines. Every website is an advertizement for the breeder so they could be misleading. Go to people who have a track record, who have done the sport, who have seen good dogs, and who understand the breed not just show dogs or working dogs because the two extremes take you away from the true shepherd breed. Talk to the breeders who return calls, and who have time to listen to you. I hope this helps. Ajay Singh


by Dog1 on 05 November 2004 - 23:11

GSDLVR, There are a few clubs in your area. I can give you my impression of them if you e mail me. Off hand Doug Wendling has a group near Allentown. I think you would like Armin Winkler at Schutzhund Village if you don't mind the distance.

by GSDLVR on 06 November 2004 - 02:11

Thanks, Kougar, Ajay & Dog1. That sounds good. I'll get with you separately. :)


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