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by wacky on 02 November 2004 - 17:11

Can swimming dogs in hydro pools once or twice a week damage there coat for the show ring.

by gsdjaffa on 02 November 2004 - 22:11

I swim my dogs 2 - 3 times a week and have never had a coat problem, but some people do, if his coat is drying out then add an Omega blend to his diet, also rinse him and use a leave in hair conditioner.

by hodie on 03 November 2004 - 00:11

I have a large boarding and training facility with an indoor, heated pool for dogs. Dogs who are recovering from injury or are too heavy or dogs who need conditioning are swimming in this pool. I have seen some miraculous improvements in dogs who were injured and swimming here can also be done against a current if a dog is strong enough to do so. The pool is carefully maintained with an appropriate chlorine level to assure proper disinfection. All dogs are washed immediately after swimming to remove any pool water, and most owners take that time to bath with shampoo. To date, I have seen no ill effects on coat condition if the coat was in good condition to begin with. Even with those owners who choose to not bathe the dog, I see no ill effects. There are a number of excellent supplements on the market, but I also feel that dogs fed high quality diets do just fine as concerns their coat without a lot of supplementation. In fact, it is possible, just like with humans, to feed too much of a given vitamin etc. and that can cause big problems. I hope this helps.

by ALPHAPUP on 03 November 2004 - 04:11

hodie -- good thoughts .. but can i add the first big problem to speak of about vitamins is ... overdosing with serious side / deleterious effects .. yes dogs can be overdosed on vitamins just as people can [


by wacky on 03 November 2004 - 13:11

Thank you all for your help you have all been very helpful, i won't be given any other vitamins she is on a good stable diet and as a excellent coat and condition. i just didn't want to spoil a good coat if to much water was going to damage it. I will now had swimming into part of her training program. was again thank you all very much.


by Renz on 03 November 2004 - 18:11

Wacky, I use a human product on my dog when he swims - It is called Elixer (a leave in conditioner) it is made by Aveda. I use it on my own hair and dogs coat. It seals the cuticle and does not let the chemicals invade the hair. Let me know what you think. Works for us.


by wacky on 03 November 2004 - 21:11

Renz, I will give it all some though before she swims,thank you all once again for you help. Wacky.


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