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by Kougar on 04 November 2004 - 16:11

??? no??? did I confuse you??? I confuse myself with some of these things!!! LOL I meant wildy cannot see the obvious!! as we all know and commented that I agree with the paul harvey dialog. I remember hearing him on the radio and haven't heard him in a long time - so wondered if he died

by Charlie Ivory on 04 November 2004 - 17:11

Ok, was not sure if I had said something to offend I sometimes have a habit of doing that....Ya think I would learn by just sent it to me by email(Paul Harvey) I thought it was pretty cool and true....I thought you meant was I still For themost part I am, as for PAul, I reall don't know, I think he might be.


by GSDNewbie on 04 November 2004 - 17:11

well that entertaining piece proves she has family involved in her puppies and registration like AKC suspected? AKC told me by phone several days ago thet you sell full registration too. I am guessing for an added charge im sure. Nowhere on your web page does it say LIMITED REGISTRATION and you beseach folks to send the hundred dollar deposit with male or female on it? omg you accept their money before speaking to them about the pups and sale? do you tell them it will be limited registration cause it does not mention that fact on site and you know folks that are getting those lines are going to look up the pedigree and want to breed them and you are denying that you sell full registration to them? AKC says they are being registered with full registration. Just throwing a couple good qaulity dogs together for nature to take its course is not breeding you need to know and understand genetics the genes and how they will carry!!! and we know you are not doing this you have male that studs all your females no matter the lines or what resssesive genes they carry! So if this Blitzen guy is puppy mill as you claim with trash and halfbreeds and you are not why would your neice be buying his pups? My guess is you and your family are breeding more than the dogs you have online lesser quality and if I were Blitzen whoever he is I would take that scared of Harry and he better be as a personal physical threat! physical threats are very unladylike for such an older innocent mature good country woman. Yet again Blitzen is not who you think or i would have strongly advised her to follow up on your physical threat against her. If someone does know the Blitzen she reffers to they may want to pass the heads up to him. Violence is not the way if there is a valid claim of wrongdoing against him she lives same town very easy for courts to handle. Just shows the mental state to threaten somone physically over somthing that happens in dog world everyday with no papers as promised. Now I am the one that has questioned who and what you do not the others I am the one who has investigated a bit as when I moved to Pa the dog breeding here has sickened me so much I promised to do what little I can for them. I have repeatedly told you how wrong you are in your theory everyone is out to get you and that you are very much mistaken in Blitzens identidy. I and only I am questioning what you do! and if you would like to contact me you may I may be wrong I may not I am willing to find out and post apology if I am wrong in the info I have on you. all I am doing is asking and trying to get you to stop making a fool out of yourself accusing sombody who is not who you accuse her to be. You say I am wrong in my ideas of you cannot you accept you may be wrong?

by Blitzen on 04 November 2004 - 17:11

The truly sad part of all of this is that this woman ia able to acquire breeding stock from top quality dogs like Kevin. I can only hope this is more of her BS and she's not getting a Kevin sired bitch to be used to produce more untitled GSD's for the pet trade. There are more than enough pet GSD's looking for homes, we need no more.


by GSDNewbie on 04 November 2004 - 17:11

you know some folks can breed untitled responsibly thats not what I am upset about cause most have the sense to bred one to A titled parent and only if the untitled dog in question had non genetic physical or mental reasons why is was not titled. These type folks also know what they are doing so that they are not risking so much in the breeding. But this is inexcusable to do for more pets and cheapnees of not titling to sell more pets. this is what I object to.

by Blitzen on 04 November 2004 - 18:11

I agree, newbie, why would any ethical breeder have a goal to breed pets?


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