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by gsddebby on 31 October 2004 - 16:10

I have tried to ignor this, but just can't for the sake of the poor dog! Look at the ad posted under females forsale: 30-October-2004-20:35 "Pregnant show line bitch" Then follow the other postings by this person by clicking on their name at the top. It starts with an 18 month old bitch that is small and "gets into trouble alot" for $450. Then the price goes down to $400 for a inside "PET". Then all of the sudden the bitch is pregnant to an over size (130 lb) male and forsale for $4000.00!!! Then down to $3000.00!!! It is obvious to me that this person did not know what they were getting into and is trying to bale on a small (22", within standard) that has too much drive for an inexperienced stupid pet person to handle. My heart crys for this dog! Debby

by Blitzen on 31 October 2004 - 16:10

Me too, Debbie. As I've just posted under another thread, this has got to be the most abused breed in the world, all to make a name and money for certain owners and trainers both here and abroad. Some of these preverts had better hope PETA never gets wind of their ads and training methods, they will find themselves in a lot of trouble if they do. That could lead to PETA's taking a closer look at Schutzhund training and trails and all the mansports. So it would behoove those of you who do treat and train your dogs humanely to not turn a blind eye to these morons. This is my hot button and I'm an so tired of reading self-proclaimed trainers justifying cruel training methods. Maybe it does get a dog trained within a faster timeframe and maybe it does get a title on a dog that wouldn't qualify otherwise, but how is it benefitting the gene pool of the breed as a whole. How do you know the Sch III that has sired your last litter or your beautiful new puppy has the will to serve or is titled because some trainer and his helper used pain instead of skill to get him titled. People advertise dogs for sale as if they were livestock just off the feedlot. I also love the ads -"ready to breed, will be in heat any day now". I know it happens in all breeds, but not to this extent and these people even have the nerve to brag about it in public ads.

by Charlie Ivory on 31 October 2004 - 16:10

Have to agree with you Debby........Got a good mind to turn Brittany lose on them, never mind PETA

by Charlie Ivory on 31 October 2004 - 16:10

Top of the morning to you Blitz, I trust all is well in your neck of the woods?


by GSDNewbie on 31 October 2004 - 17:10

20 month blk/red OFA prelims can be done. She is currently bred to Daniel Cisco bred less than two years old ofa prelims can be done? not done before breeding? does this not tell anyone anything without even looking at the pictures? This poor dog!! Has no body or muscle tone they say has high drive because she is always in trouble? omg its called training needed not locking poor thing in crate like I suspect for its whole life! this dog has no muscle?

by Charlie Ivory on 31 October 2004 - 17:10

Hey Newbie........

by corieone on 31 October 2004 - 17:10

Charlie. Warn us if you turn Brittany loose on that woman. I want to duck! Poor dog. It doesn't even have a chance. :-(

by Blitzen on 31 October 2004 - 17:10

Morning Newbie and Charles, I was feeling quite fit til I read this "breeders" ads and have now lapsed into my dog rage mode. Did I read on this board that you, Charlie, are a dog law officer? If so, you must have nighmares about stuff like this. In one of my previous lives I was employed as a vet tech and I won't even go into the stuff I saw there. I'm going to calm down now, attend to Herr Blitz, he demands scrambled eggs for breakfast each AM and when he doesn't get them when he wants them, he looks a lot like that tabled dog on the photo. Does that mean he'a worth a lot of money? Then I'll watch the Eagles play the Ravens. Are you a Pat's fan, Charlie? Steelers, Newbie? I wonder what is happening at NASS. Out friend Sunny has done really well with her young male too, won't steal her thunder, she can tell you all about it when she gets home. Have a great day everyone!!

by Charlie Ivory on 31 October 2004 - 17:10

corieone, she will fix'em alright,she just loves crap like that...Blitz, I'm not a sports nut, I support the Pats cause there in my back yard, I'm a Jets fan if you can beleive that, once upona time they were a good team but have done little since the 80's......I just like to be different I guess

by Blitzen on 31 October 2004 - 17:10

Charlie, The Jets are very good this year, they have a great shot at their division. If I didn't watch football and out my frustration via the linebackers, I'd be a lot less lovable than I am now LOL.


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