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by wildthing on 30 October 2004 - 21:10

Since we are kinda on a topic of dog foods, I was told, read or seen on T.V. that some of our top brands of dry kibble such as Iams, they make Eukanuba, Pro Plans Beneful is terrible bad to give dogs.? I have used Iams, Eukanuba and felt paying the bundle of money for it that I was doing my dogs a big favor. I also know that the first 4 ingrediencts should read meat products. Since I admist to be iggnorant to not doing this until recently, I feel badly I spent so much money on dog kibble that is not good for them. Has anybody else heard, read or seen things or articles pertaining to some top brands being terrible to feed? I have now looked up Flint River Ranch to be almost number one, Canadie, Solid Gold to be in top five???? Any insights on this for it does worry me since our small area does not stalk none of these top brands and shipping rates would be otta site?

by Charlie Ivory on 30 October 2004 - 21:10

Abady,It is made by a guy name Robert Abady....In New York

by Kougar on 30 October 2004 - 21:10

Pat - a monthy trip to Greeensburg PA to Garys Pet warehouse will get you some top foods for same price - wellness, chicken soup or eagle pack also, prepackaged raw can be purchased in bulk via K9Kravings which another pittsburgh breeder represents as well and Omas Pride via a supplier in Pittsburgh

by Caroline on 30 October 2004 - 21:10

Iams used to be a private company. In the 80's it used to be a kind of family bussiness and produce high grade food. It was bought out by Proctor and Gamble and the quality went down. Apparently their research ethics are questionable, but I cannot say that I have first hand experience. See: Also there is a book that gives information about various dog food :Food Pets Die for: Shocking Facts about Pet Food by Michael W. Fox. Don't get daunted by all the rhetoric. People in each faction tend to be pretty evangelical about their ideas but there is good informaion there.

by Jody on 30 October 2004 - 23:10

I agree with Charlie.. if you are going to feed a commercial diet.. I would try to get Abady. jody

by Het on 31 October 2004 - 01:10

the bigges problem besides the crap in the dog foods, is that the meat that they use isn't even meat it is meat by-products, that means that it is all the stuff that can't be eaten...when I started reasearching what was in the foods I quit feeding dry food. I have friends with other breeds that feed the Flint River and it is a great food but found with the GSDs (at least myne) it was to rich of a food. I do like Wellness but my favorite is the Lifes Abundance, coolest thing is that the UPS man brings it right to the door, I have an ongoing order and it just shows up on my door step on the same day each month. Can't beat that with a stick. lol will get you to the site, you will learn alot about the dog food and what is in most brands and why feeding it is really killing your dog. I also have a client that works in the industry and he told me that when they get all the stuff from the butcher that it has been on the floor so you are also getting all the cleaning suplies that they clean with when they put it in the truck to take it to the dog food company it is in an open backed dump truck so you are also getting all the fumes from the city in the food, and it is rotting as it gets there. Very gross. That is why I feed the raw. I have very happy healthy dogs. Heather

by Het on 31 October 2004 - 02:10

Hey I have also learned that I can't either spell or type. lol sorry about all the bad spelling Heather

by Krug on 31 October 2004 - 02:10

Try with german food BEWI DOG!! First class products and best results

K9 Solutions Center

by K9 Solutions Center on 31 October 2004 - 23:10

We use and sell Canidae, and have great results. I have tried Solid Gold, Abady, and other high end foods, as well as mixing my own BARF diet. I like to use Canidae in the morning meal, and raw of an evening. I have had great results with my Malinois. Jeff Turner K9 Solutions Center

by Doomsayer on 01 November 2004 - 18:11

Be careful with Abady as all dogs don't like that granule form that the food comes in. I know they make Kibble but we might want to get a smalll bag first. I feed Flint river ranch abut I have fedd Abady int he past but even my most most voracious eater were alittle flaky on the Abady. I do believe it is agood food.


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