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by Louise M. Penery on 02 April 2004 - 07:04

Now, we know why Orschler is not judging NASS as published earlier. 2004 USA Sieger Show Hosted by: United Schutzthund Clubs Of America Judges: All Male Classes - SV Mr. Erich Orschler All Female Classes - USA Johannes Grewe Progeny & Kennel Groups - Mr. Orschler & Mr. Grewe Tennessee Area Oct 29-31, 2004

by troll on 02 April 2004 - 07:04

It is no secret that Orschler could not make the NASS schedule.But they did fill the spot with other high profile SV judges. What a shame that the USA Sieger Show is still handicapping themselves with Johannes Grewe as a judge. It makes no sense at all to come from any international country to show under Johannes but I am sure his plate will be full with the usual "politics". It will be interesting to see how many entries they have in TN.

by M.Carter on 02 April 2004 - 11:04

Troll: you apparently never read Grewe's proposals several years ago...where he stated ALL USCA sieger shows were going to be judged by USCA judges ONLY and all regionals were going to be required to use USCA judges as well. The intent of Grewe's moves are to break away from the SV, they intend to stand alone. This was the mission statement in his proposals, nearly all of which have been adopted over the last few years. Grewe actualy has more power in the organization than the president. You have to go back and look at the restructuring that was done to create his position. now that Ricardo is a judge along with macintyre they have no need for SV judges...who knows next year the SV judge might become "ill" just before the event and ricardo will have to fill in :D Notice the event location has not been published so I gather they don't expect to many entries anyway.

by Louise M. Penery on 02 April 2004 - 12:04

Upon further investigation,I hear that Herr Orschler had wanted to judge at the WDA Sieger Show but he had another important meeting/engagement of some kind scheduled and could not come for WDA's Sept dates (a few weeks after the German Sieger Show). Really sad... "What a shame that the USA Sieger Show is still handicapping themselves with Johannes Grewe as a judge...who knows next year the SV judge might become "ill" just before the event and ricardo will have to fill in ". As for me, I really don't care to show under a USCA judge because a win would do little to enhance a dog's reputation--JMHO. Makes no sense to me. You are probably right about a possibly small entry in Tennessee. Like Troll, I hate the "politics".


by Dog1 on 02 April 2004 - 15:04

The potential political impact of the situation M. Carter describes is interesting. If an organization becomes self sufficient. What happens to the breeders that participate in other organizations' events. We already know there is a dislike of other organizations instilled in some organizations. If you are a breeder that does not allow yourself to be dictated to as one organization has done with their judges. What becomes of your chances to place under a this organization? Example, Kennel A is a supports one organization. Litters are registered, their events have judges from this organization each year. Kennel B belongs to another club. They hold events with SV judges. At the sieger show where the nations dogs are displayed for ranking that determines their breeding demand. What happens when kennel B's dog that is better than kennel A's dog is in the ring? Would there be favoritism toward kennel A since they are a supporter? Isn't this sort of how we got the AKC version of the German Shepherd? If history repeats itself we may have a SV style dog, AKC style dog and another style dog that stems from those kennels favorable to one organization.

by Sue DiCero on 02 April 2004 - 16:04

"Now, we know why Orschler is not judging NASS as published earlier." Actually, that was just finalized a few weeks ago. It has been known for months that he could not judge the NASS due to a scheduling conflict. And the judges list for NASS was changed a while back.

by Roger Ven Torres on 02 April 2004 - 22:04

We have a colononial mentality? Only SV judges can do a better job? V1 Anta is Peruvian. COAPA have their own judges. Mr. Carbajal, Johanees Grewe , Karen are more than capable. The fate of the German Shepherd is relying on an International level now. Not per country. I did not read any plans to separate the USCA from SV. Quite the contrary, Mr. Elder professed multiple times the need for a close collaboration with the SV. Was'nt it fact that, Johaness even suggested that we become an Ortsgruppe or a regional branch for the SV? Unfortunately, due to FCI rules, this can not be possible. I have a suspicion that what M. Carter have read that Johanness said "years" ago was in frustration with the SV. The SV also plays this political game as well. The other market, WDA/GSDCA. The SV are concerned that there is no breeding regulations on most WUSV member nations which include the infamous GSDCA. USCA set up and kept up with the SV requirements, yet, we have not obtained a solid commitment. To add more insult to injury, the GSDCA/WDA, suggested that the SV removed the USA as a member. If you were in Johaness' shoes what and how will you react? If your conclusion that the USCA will not work with the SV, why did they invite Mr. Orschler. I am sorry dog1, but your analogy with AKC, is not applicable with this group. Mr. Carbajal, did more than any SV judge that visited here in breaking down and understanding the anatomy of what an SV style German shepherd should be. Now that he is a judge, we should not minimize these people's capability. Explain to me how can Rapi Supra place ahead of that Bildeiche dog. Then come Sieger show, he is way behind, the other dogs. Larry Grapenhof placing behind a WDA officers imported dog? We need honest Judging period. Non SV judges does not necessarily mean inferior. Did we rely a lot on the Prufung just with SV thru the season? Did we not succeed using USA judges collaborating of course with SV? Roger

by Louise M. Penery on 02 April 2004 - 23:04

Roger, get a grip. Most of us do prefer to show and breed survey our dogs under SV judges (even the "grey friendly" ones) because we LIKE them. We respect them for their experience and credentials which we believe no USCA judge has--no offense intended. All judges may be a bit political--or just prejudicial because of individual preferences.

by ginabean on 02 April 2004 - 23:04

Good point, Randy.


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