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Linebreeding4.1 years agoBulldog
Breeding question 4.3 years agoBulldog
Need help finding bulldog's registry number5.8 years agoBulldog
hi im have beenlooking for a EB for a while now i live in germany i cant fine any breedeers can some6.1 years agoBulldog
english bulldog6.1 years agoBulldog
Question about picture6.3 years agoBulldog
problem registering my puppy......6.6 years agoBulldog
Hello, I'm just introducing my self to you guys, I'm new to the breed.7.4 years agoBulldog
IMPRESSIONS of the Kennel Club8.3 years agoBulldog
Having trouble filling in my dogs pedigree8.5 years agoBulldog
need some help8.5 years agoBulldog
The Kennel Club should face a LEGAL CHALLENGE8.9 years agoBulldog
stolen pups, topeka kansas8.9 years agoBulldog
We Registry All Molosser Breeds9 years agoBulldog
Glazed eye?9.1 years agoBulldog
THE KENNEL CLUB'S PLANS (UK)9.2 years agoBulldog
English Bulldog Named Gypsy Rose. I need help finding my Dog's Breeder... En9.6 years agoBulldog
I've entered Dams side 3 xs 9.8 years agoBulldog
Fixes to the website9.8 years agoBulldog
DNA Numbers9.9 years agoBulldog
Hello!10 years agoBulldog
HEY! PLEASE READ10.1 years agoBulldog

The History

Hop Pole Caesar born on Feb 25, 1921
Hop Pole Caesar
Vardona Frosty Snowman born on Aug 24, 1956
BISS CH (AKC) Vardona Frosty Snowman

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Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with Your Dog

Dogs are a part of the family, and they go everywhere with us.  Whether it just a short trip for an errand, to the park, to a training class, or to a competitive event, you have to plan ahead to travel safely with your dog.

  • The Life Expectancy of Your Dog

    When you decide to get a dog, you are doing so with the expectation that your new canine companion is going to be with you for many years to come. But how many years, exactly? This is something that all prospective pet owners would like to know. The average lifespan for a dog is about 12 years, but this fact by itself tells you very little. In reality, there are a number of variables that will help determine how long the newest member of your family is likely to be with you.

  • Questions to Ask a Breeder

    If you have decided on a breed of dog, then probably you have already done a decent amount of research about that particular breed’s characteristics, history, temperament, appearance and potential health problems. Then again, maybe you have selected a breed based on childhood memories of another dog or because a

Recently added pedigrees

Phenix's Emma

Phenix's Emma

Inserted:16 hours ago
Female (2707067)
Phenix's Megan

Phenix's Megan

Inserted:16 hours ago
Female (2707066)
Father: CH (US) Little Ponds Rolling Stone
Mother: Phenix's Emma
Created by Carolina Style Kennels
Ali'I Kings Luxurious Couture

Ali'I Kings Luxurious Couture

Inserted:16 hours ago
Female (2707065)
Father: CH (AKC) Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy
Mother: Phenix's Megan
Created by Carolina Style Kennels
Fairytale's Rock Legend Elvis

BISS GCH (AKC) Fairytale's Rock Legend Elvis

Inserted:16 hours ago
Male (2707056)
Father: BIS/BISS CH (AKC) Cherokee Legend Rock
Mother: Ali'I Kings Luxurious Couture
Created by Carolina Style Kennels
PTD (AKC) NC-STYLE'S You got it the Right Stuff

PTD (AKC) NC-STYLE'S You got it the Right Stuff

Inserted:6 weeks ago
Male (2690268)
Father: BISS GCH (AKC) Delenclos Cherokee Milton
Mother: NC-Style's 1 Tough Cookie
Created by Carolina Style Kennels

Sample premiums

Soffi z Kraje Karla IV.Sold out
13:36 10 Oct 2017
United States
Son of V SG28 Vadim von Aurelius for sale
Acelin German Shepherds
03:10 30 Nov 2017
United States
Import  Puppies for Christmas  Titled Parents
22:16 12 Nov 2017
United States
AMERICAN AKITA PUPPY in your home 2018!
19:03 23 Oct 2017
Black longcoat male puppy Weinbergblick line
21:20 05 Dec 2017
United States

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