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The History

Sirloin of Pugilist born on Feb 18, 1929
Sirloin of Pugilist
Darvey's Primeva Marigirl born on Aug 07, 1962
CH (AKC) Darvey's Primeva Marigirl

Sample photo gallery

Melbourne Kilmahew - Dog: Melbourne Kilmahew 220903

Images of Melbourne Kilmahew

Melbourne KilmahewMelbourne KilmahewMelbourne Kilmahew's Dogdom AdMelbourne Kilmahew's 1917 AdMelbourne Kilmahew 220903's AKC Register and Pedigree entry for 1916


Training a SAR (Search and Rescue) Dog

Training a SAR (Search and Rescue) Dog

A well trained SAR dog is a sight to behold.  The dog can evenly maneuver the most difficult of terrain with the grace of a mountain goat all the while looking for a trapped or hidden human being.  This type of work is often done on the fly, at the drop of the hat, with little advanced warning.  It requires a talented dog and a special handler willing to invest the time and effort.

  • What is Schutzhund and IPO?

    The origins of all training, such as Schutzhund or IPO, are based in Germany.  These training tests were developed as a primary method of producing top level German Shepherd Dogs.  They were geared to identify suitability of individual dogs for work in several formats

  • The Cost of Owning a Dog

    If you ever owned a dog when you were a child, you can probably recall the joy and exhilaration you felt every day, playing with your best buddy. Once you grew up and (assuming you) started a family, you probably wanted your kid(s) to experience the same things that you did. A loving, loyal, fun-loving animal companion is one of the best things in the world.

Recently added pedigrees

NC-Style's Square Biz

NC-Style's Square Biz

Inserted:3 weeks ago
Female (2817750)
Father: BISS GCH (AKC) Cherokee Origin Snow Lion
Mother: NC-Style's 1 Tough Cookie
Created by Carolina Style Kennels
Petunia (Amador) MEX. FCI

Petunia (Amador) MEX. FCI

Inserted:4 weeks ago
Female (2815077)
Father: No information about the Sire
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by sofie
Almo of East Pyrenees Base

Almo of East Pyrenees Base

Inserted:5 weeks ago
Female (2814023)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by dcgws
Mammoth of  Lung Tien Kennel

Mammoth of Lung Tien Kennel

Inserted:5 weeks ago
Male (2814022)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by dcgws
Tora`s Black Opal

Tora`s Black Opal

Inserted:5 weeks ago
Female (2814020)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by dcgws

Sample premiums

Hercules von Hirschberg- D.O.B. 3/2/2016  $1,500.0
Watchman GSD Kennel
04:08 02 Nov 2018
United States
Top German and European Bloodlines puppies
Armando Bong LaO
22:32 10 Jul 2018
United States
top son of VA Cyrus Osterberger Land for sale
14:27 22 Nov 2018
Showline all black LH import female for sale
Acelin German Shepherds
16:59 23 Sep 2018
United States
2X VA1 Atilla Team Furstenbrunn in USA @ VonCalvo
Von Calvo
12:35 04 Dec 2018
United States

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