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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd
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Dual Registry4 months agoAustralian Shepherd
Deleting a dog from the database7 months agoAustralian Shepherd
Admin what are the rules to put a pedigree on this database?11 months agoAustralian Shepherd
cant add my dog there is a dog with the same name 1.2 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Adopting new Aussie next week6.2 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Burnt Coat6.3 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Why can't I update my pup's pedigree??7 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Castration an aussie male7.2 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Do not want to delete my gallery7.6 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Fixes to the website8.1 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Belcando/Bewi Dog food now in the UK8.7 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Unbelievable Intelligence of the Breed!8.8 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Upcomming Litter Planned9.4 years agoAustralian Shepherd
looking for show prospect9.4 years agoAustralian Shepherd
LOOKING FOR FEMALE PUP10 years agoAustralian Shepherd
Hello?10.2 years agoAustralian Shepherd

The History

Peer's Tubby born on Jan 01, 1948
Peer's Tubby
Heards Salt of Flintridge born on Jan 22, 1964
Heards Salt of Flintridge

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Is a Raw Food Diet Right for Your Dog?

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Runnin C's Ragnar Lothbrok Of Kicking K

Runnin C's Ragnar Lothbrok Of Kicking K

Inserted:4 days ago
Male (2807285)
Father: Circle M Cinch Em Up Tight
Mother: Runnin C Cinch Em Up Piper
Created by KickingKAussies
Runnin C Cinch Em Up Piper

Runnin C Cinch Em Up Piper

Inserted:4 days ago
Female (2807278)
Father: Circle M Cinch Em Up Tight
Mother: Miss Paisley Of Runnin C
Created by KickingKAussies
Casselcreek Sirocco

Casselcreek Sirocco

Inserted:4 days ago
Male (2807259)
Father: Paradox Pickwick
Mother: Casselcreek Prim and Proper
Created by darcievm
Rocky Top's Big Echo

Rocky Top's Big Echo

Inserted:7 days ago
Female (2806393)
Father: Rocky Top's Red Ryder
Mother: Rocky Top's Sunny Side Up
Created by rockytophearts

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Daughter of BSZS V8 Lucka von Buchenland!
06:38 30 Sep 2018
United States
VA-Quenn Piste Trophe pups.  NH/USA
22:36 21 Oct 2018
United States
Import Puppies $1500

Import Puppies $1500

Puppies for sale
frost kennels
19:10 24 Sep 2018
United States
High quality working puppies German Shepherd dog
15:54 17 Sep 2018
VA3 Pacco grand daughter for sale !!!!!!!!!
19:16 19 Aug 2018
United States

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