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 JCHPL JCHMNE,JUNIOR CLUB WINNER MOJITO Ast Team <>Tefka1817924.4 years ago by urafool >> (goto)
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 missing some pedigrees.. help plzTina82211200 
 CGC in wrong place....TruAmstaff2378855.8 years ago by TruAmstaff >> (goto)
 to bring my dog in FranceHody Sonustun2138915.9 years ago by FromUrcosNotDead >> (goto)
 How can i change photo of a dog?alexp2325916 years ago by GSD Admin >> (goto)
 wrong linkRazzolini Mg204330 
 The pedigree does not put the motherRazzolini Mg1969026 years ago by Razzolini Mg >> (goto)

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